‘Sugar Daddy Diary’ Book


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For nearly a decade David Montrose lived a double life, one as an upstanding stockbroker and family man, the other as a gentleman Sugar Daddy to dozens of beautiful young Sugar Babies. Sparing no detail and leaving no truth uncovered, Montrose takes the reader, for the first time in recorded history, behind the scenes of high-risk sex, money, intrigue, and adventure. In luxurious New York hotels or fleabag Texas bang joints, this successful man risked everything – and not just because of the superficial attraction of sex and beauty. We discover what lurks behind the headlines when an Eliot Spitzer  gets caught with his pants down.

Unlike these men, Montrose has a gift for subterfuge, and was never caught – so when he decides to give up Sugar Babies, it’s entirely on his own terms. The reader gets to follow his painful journey relinquishing the role of Sugar Daddy. Gritty, honest, funny and moving, Diary of a Sugar Daddy leaves no aspect of the Sugar Life unexamined.