New year new goals

2016 is over and for the new year I just have a few simple goals.  Work a bit more on my health as far as eating healthier and exercising more. May take up martial arts again. Another resolution is to become a more courageous trader. Too conservative in the past couple of years, so this year I will put on bigger positions with tighter exit stops. Will double up.  On a more personal note, we lost a few people in the past couple of years, either personal relatives or old neighbors (one was only a year older than me, yikes).  So in 2016 I decided to get closer once again to family (working quite well I might add) so I will continue to do so in the coming year. It feels great and its the right thing to do.

As for this blog? Well the stories will continue. There will not be any new stories, as I have no new SBs or ‘friends’ or anything of the sort.  The blogs will be more of a new interpretation of older stories now that I am more removed from them.  There is more to be learned, when we look back to historical events a long time after they are done. They take on a new light, don’t they? Everything somehow becomes a bit less urgent or dramatic.  There may also be some old stories from the past which I never talked about yet.  And at some point, this whole blog will become history and will vanish in the way it appeared. At that time the process that started with my first ever blog entry will have been accomplished.

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‘I only want a one time thing’

There was a communication once, from a prospective sugar baby, that went exactly like this.  We never met actually, but she said that’s what she was looking for. Nothing ongoing, just meet once and that’s it.  I wonder what is the motivation behind a request like that. And she obviously said the same thing to probably many more others.  Did she just have a one time cash crunch that she wanted to meet? Or perhaps this was something that was on her bucket list? Strange…

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Hey Dave just keeping up

After I came back from TX, I tried my version of the personal ad here, and got some pretty good catches. I had found that I started to gravitate toward women older than 30.  So I had a few dates, not much came out of it though. I found that they would text me the following day ‘Hey Dave, I am just keeping up with you when can you meet up next time?’ and I would just ignore the text. Or I would say ‘Yes definitely, let’s get together’ and then not follow through for the simple reason that I was bored out of my mind.  I even turned down that nice Romanian girl Patricia (had sex once) who was wishing me happy birthday. I forget why I didn’t see her after the first few weeks. Maybe I just lost interest. Like Serena used to tell me, ‘David you are so jaded’… I think I had more important things to worry about such as career matters, stock market in the dumps and things like that.  It’s funny how some sugar babies wonder ‘Oh this SD never called me back even though we hit it off on our first date’.  Well, duh, we have jobs you know, wives, kids, maybe sick elderly parents etc.  So our next date with a random SB is at the 5th priority.  Still, I could use a bit excitement. As luck would have it, this blond 31 year old graduate business school student from Indiana contacted me saying she would be in town for a conference, and wanted to meet the famous author of ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’ in person. Good enough, so we went to this nice Greek restaurant in Midtown across from her hotel.  Fun ensued..but I knew this could not continue, after all she was from out of town.  Nice meeting though and very smart woman with great personality. I like brains in someone.  Maybe that’s why I really liked that other girl, a cheerleader, called ‘Christa’. Someone with career ambitions, and good education. I found myself planning every detail of every date just to make sure it all went as planned. I was like 23 all over again. That was short lived though as well, thanks to my stupid attitude of ‘This was just perfect it lasted 2 months, had sex once or twice it was nice, I am going to quit while I am ahead’. Stupid move which I regret to this day. But my point is that I didn’t have too much interest in sugar at that time. I had just finished my awesome book, also trying to get re-established in the NY finance career scene so I had my hands full

Until one day when I got a friend invite on Facebook from this 19 year old girl from Bed-Stuy (a hood in Brooklyn, New York). My fist impression was ‘who is this now? She seems awful young, does she live with mom and dad?’. And that was the very beginning of the most tumultuous affair of my life…One that took me from curiosity to love to despair to…just contempt. I hate feeling that way about someone but…

‘For heat of cold, for cold of heat, I dye’ I always loved the tradition of cryptic ambiguity…

And, good God, I saw the first ‘Touch of Grey’ in the top of my hair. Ugh, father time, and a few thousand hours of trading stocks will do that to a man

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Lesson in oral sex

Here is a precious one, and a unique experience which only happened to me once.  I got a note from someone once saying ‘Hi, I am going to give you a lesson in oral sex. Men usually suck at it so I want to give you a lesson’. It was one of those ‘wtf’ moments.  I had no idea who this was, we never met ever. Not before this and not since!  But anyway, I played along so we kept emailing back and forth so I finally agreed to meet and receive my ‘lesson’ in performing oral sex on a woman.  I got to the appointed place and she was there, she undressed and then invited me to undress as well.  I declined.  The agreement was no sex whatsoever, so I figured why undress and get all comfy and excited when there will be no release?  I decided to make this more like a clinical appointment with a twist.  ‘Show me what you got’ she said.  So I leaned over and parted her lips uncovering her rosebud. ‘Good, you do that…’ she said. Of course, moron, who do think I am! Anyways I continued my performance and pretty soon she was starting to moan.  I then inserted one finger, followed by a second one to which she commented ‘This is like fucking’.  Ok…..I kept the pace steady and could feel her rotating her hips while groaning and eventually she stood up, came, and squirted on the carpet!  ‘I give you a nine out of ten’. I was flattered, given the fact that I never met this person before in my life. But was able to please her nevertheless, by following the cues her body (and her pussy) were giving me. We shook hands and I left. That’s it.  This was a very flattering experience, on the same level as: ‘David, you give oral sex as good or better than a  lesbian’ an old comment given to me by a bisexual woman ages ago.  And I have to thank this 26 year old beauty who, when I was younger, very patiently taught me whatever I know about giving head to a girl.

But now this experience got me thinking that I should offer lessons as well. So I am making the following offers to readers of this blog or my book ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’ on Amazon, located in the New York tri-state area:

Offer 1

I can give you a lesson in how to give oral sex to a man, no charge, and no intercourse involved.  You need it, trust me. At least 40% of the women out there are clueless on this.

Offer 2

I can give you a lesson on how to give a hand job. You won’t believe how many women (I would easily say 70%) give too rough, or to gentle hand jobs focusing on the wrong area of the male organs.

Offer 3

I can perform oral sex on you, no reciprocation needed, and you grade my skills

Offer 4

Any combination of the above, but now, if we decided we like each other intercourse will happen.  As an extra enticement, I will throw in a few stock tips for 2017, courtesy of my public equities research department. And if you bought my book I will sign a copy for you

What do you think? Send me an email, I am waiting



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Don’t care about blow jobs

What is it about girls wanting to give blow jobs in public restrooms?  I don’t understand. I guess it is naughty and exhilarating to some people so they do it, or offer to do it.  I have been on the receiving end in the past, don’t get me wrong, but literally only two or three times in my entire life, all kidding aside. Some readers of the blog and my book may not believe me with my crazy random relationship stories. So then why? First of I am a prude in public. Secondly, I care and want full on intercourse so I don’t care about a hand job or a blow job. If there is no intercourse involved then I am just not interested because it leaves a lot to be desired. Flattered, but I am not proceeding with it unless I am 100% desperate for an orgasm.  But even then, I rather push myself to find a random woman or SB, than to get a blow job in some bathroom. Does that make me different than most guys?


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I became inundated with sugar

As I mention in my book there was one point in time where I would become so inundated with sugar emails and texts that I wouldn’t know what to do anymore.  I would respond to emails and then I would also send out emails of my own and by the end of the day or the end of the week I would have so many potential dates that I wouldn’t know what to do.  We all have constraints on time as well as budgets so I couldn’t go out and see one different woman for each day of the week.  For a while there I did try, but it quickly became so draining so I curtailed my activities.  I would typically text one lady and set up, tentatively, a date after work.  We would go on that date and then start planning for future ones. But then someone else would text or email that was more attractive or more interesting and I wold get distracted and go on a date with her instead. And so on and so forth. And then the previous lady I went with would try to contact me and I would say ‘Sorry I can’t meet after all’.

So now I am curious: how would a SB react to a text like this? Once the arrangement has barely started and even sex was had, but then she gets dropped a week later for another. I am sure its common because its all NSA after all, and there is a large pool of daddies and babies so the turn over is quite high both in men as well as women

I would be interested in hearing similar experiences from SDs and SBs.

Happy New Year’s !

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