Sunspot baby sure had a real good time

Just like the song ..

They say if you live long enough you meet all kinds. Although this one happened when I was younger. I was defrauded .. for a lot of money this “sugar baby”. An old friend/lover of mine said that I am the most jaded man she ever met. Well, I never told this story to anyone ever, but this is why I was so jaded. I don’t mean she took loose change out my car or my pockets. She actually used my signature and stuck me with some rather large bills I couldn’t get rid of.   Not sure how she found it  and maybe she had an accomplice.  Criminal for sure. So I had to pay up. A lot…my pride was hurt more than my wallet but it was still a few grand. Then she moved out of state. I was separated at the time but still I didn’t want to start a legal case across state. Once that stuff starts you can’t control what happens so there was 50/50 chance my folks would have found out. So even in the middle of a separation it wouldn’t have looked good at all and the door would have closed permanently.

I wanted (and still do) revenge so bad. At first I thought that it was the Lord’s way of laying me back for the bad things I had done. Perhaps it was, but at least I never committed a crime. But she did. Needless to say that I regret not pursuing this and if same thing happened now I’d sue everyone

Webb, I am going to get you one day in this world or the next

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Scamm sugar dating websites

Sugar dating without a doubt has become a phenomenon in modern dating. It’s a thing now. One of the reasons it is so widely known and accepted is because of the changes morals and casual attitudes we have about sex and dating.

That said, there are also people who try to capitalize on this trend by putting together scam sugar dating sites. Over the years I have come across some shady ones and I am willing to share.

You will know them when you see them. They have glossy cover stories but then on the inside they may over charge your credit card, overpromise, or not have the “elite” or “upper class” membership they claim

Sugar daddies and sugar babies, let’s start a list of scammer sugar dating websites, for all to know

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Weird dreams

That’s odd, I had a couple of strange dreams last night. In one case I was in a taxi in Houston with someone I literally haven’t seen in almost 10 years (she is 35 now, omg). She was telling me she wanted to live her life and have a good time so she told the cab driver (a tall brunette that was touching my hand at the same time, lol she wanted a 3some perhaps?) that she wanted to drive to San Antone. So we started heading there but after about half an hour we looked at each other and said, well that not a great idea since San Antone is about 4 hours away. So we decided to stay put. And then I woke up! Wtf. I missed what happened afterwards..

But then I was half asleep and I thought about someone else who used be dear to my heart. And thought that if I was to get together with her now I probably wouldn’t know how to fuck her anymore like I used to. She has been having sex with all those other individuals in the last year or two so I wouldn’t be used to her anymore.

Strange night indeed..

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A naughty little fantasy

Ok I admit that I had a little fantasy going on a while back. I wanted to sleep with a Chinese lady from the city of Tsingtao. Why there? Because I really like that beer. Tsingtao was a German colony about a century ago or more and they basically imported beer making techniques into China.  I have also met a couple of folks from that town through work anyway and they all strike me as very cosmopolitan and modern. So there.

As luck would have it, I got a response to my ad from someone from Tsingtao. She was 32 and working in the US in finance. So we decided to meet for a drink. She turns up late, which is my pet peeve. She was dressed very nicely though and seemed very classy. And great short cut hair style as well. The hair barely touched the base of her neck, revealing a sexy one at that. Just how I liked it. And after our drink she got up and gave me a deep wet kiss right in the middle of the place, before walking away like a diva. I liked that and was pleasantly surprised, as I generally get annoyed by Chinese women (bad experiences).

We made a date for few days later for more drinks. She liked drinking (socially only) and at that point in time so did I so we were getting along fine so when she invited me back I accepted. She lived alone near the Galeria so no jealous bf’s or husbands.  Easy drive too so I followed the directions, told the security guard I’d be right back, he let me in and there I was. We didn’t lose any time as she wasn’t wearing and underwear underneath. She was ready ! I must have made a good first impression I guess. We started fooling around in the bed and she let me know she had put some special Chinese medical powder on her vagina that apparently has miraculous powers.  The magic of traditional medicine…

I liked having sex with her but unfortunately we only met up once. We had some scheduling difficulties and then a couple of months later I started texting her again but the number was gone :(

Still, a good one time experience that created some nice memories.  So I finally fulfilled my Tsingtao fantasy and closed out finally my bucket list.

There is only one more thing left, but that may never get filled :( not telling





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My twitter followers

I deleted a couple of thousand followers on Twitter. I was getting annoyed because they were all strippers, porn stars or fin dommes and I am really not interested in any of those. Plus, they were all in other states or even other countries so this was totally useless. I think that escorts have now migrated to twitter. I sent Jack Dorsey an email. Doubt I will hear back


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I was schocked when Anthony Bourdain took his own life, and while I didn’t know him personally I used to go to his restaurant on Park Avenue South for many many years. Apparently he had too many daemons and was depressed.

Depression is a real disease actually. Sometimes our minds can play tricks on us and  can wonder into depths they shouldn’t. I don’t recall what had triggered my latest bout but it was probably a bad meeting or an annoying email on a Friday afternoon. When I got home I didn’t really talk to anyone, just went straight to bed and put my head under the pillow. I didn’t sleep though. I was just depressed, so much that I felt physical pain. Not even the company of my trusted cat, Winston, could help.

Then another time (one of the first) in Houston we were out for drinks after work and I was talking to this great blond (the one that got away lol) and she says “Are you lonely” when she saw me looking at the window and then my watch. Wtf. I left in embarrassment a few minutes later lamenting that I didn’t try to pick her up. Too many colleagues around though..I noticed that I do have the tendency to focus on negative things sometimes and when I am idle I get really depressed. I can still function just fine on autopilot but internally I am in pain. Usually gets better a few hours later. Recently it’s been happening more often though. Maybe because I am getting older ? Maybe because I don’t go out on dates ? I wonder if I was using sugaring as a filler for my time, this way I wouldn’t be ide and depressed. Sometimes I instinctively  check my email or fake phone number for any texts even though I know there not coming any longer, after my self imposed exile.

So who knows what’s going on , humans are so complicated and each one is different

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