I admit I was a bit offended

So here was this lady again telling me about all the great dates and high profile individuals she was hanging out with and being introduced to.  She used to work in a highly social type of service business where it’s relatively easy to come in contact with celebrities or very rich people. I was happy for her. Ever since she was younger she always wanted to be in the company of clean cut businessmen with tailored suits. I was wandering what she was doing with me then. On the trading floor we are a bit more scrappy and not as nicely dressed as the sales or marketing people, or the lawyers. But she kept saying “my feelings for you are different than those I have for other people. I love you. Them, I just like them a lot and am attracted to their success”. I thought that was an odd thing to say. And then there were all those times where she would text me out of the blue and invite me out, and after dinner end up hitting me up for cash or gifts, even though we had no relationship or arrangement at the time. I helped her anyways as I tend to be a compassionate soul. But after a few times of that it started feeling a bit old.

One evening she started complaining about the fact she thought she was a one night stand and all those celebrities don’t want to hang out with her more than a couple of times etc etc. I was like,  they are twice your age what do you expect them to do? Marry you? And then I realized that she was using me just as her fall back plan. I was her consolation prize. When she couldn’t fuck a famous actor or lawyer she would call up a trader (ie David) from the bank to fuck around with. Flattering? Not at all. I was never anyone’s consolation prize and wasn’t about to start being one now. So I told her that she is wasting both our times. I cut the evening short, and just went home after a quick bite and fed my dog Winston. Blocked her from all social media and that was that.

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Beyond the realm

Something happened to  me today on the way home.  I went out for a quick dinner because I had missed someone’s company and wanted to cheer her up. During that conversation and what was said it donned on me better late than never:  That person had moved on a long time ago and I have been wasting my time (and money as well!). She was looking at her phone and I was looking at mine, and she didn’t even engage. Clearly her mind was on other people and she was there for just for the free dinner. I was starting to feel a bit funny and awkward..I also realized it’s been a long time since I had some real fun, like I used to, and like I have described in my book ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’.  The type of full body fun that makes your senses alert, like a cat in the night. Instead I was there with someone who would rather be somewhere else with her newest sugar daddy. At least the homemade spaghetti was good.

So I am seriously considering to get back on the saddle again at least for a short while.  And while I think about it, if there are any visitors in the NY area who want a SD for a weekend, give me a call and I will even autograph your copy of my book. One never knows. Now it would be nice if my favorite person from San Antonio ever visited but that might be a long shot, Squito.

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A BBC research project: need some volunteers

The BBC is making a documentary exploring the world of sugar dating and we are keen to speak to Sugar Daddies to hear their perspective.
Anyone interested in taking part or hearing more can reach the director via bbcthree.researchemail@bbc.co.uk  and mark their email for the attention of Joyce 


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Scam sugar dating sites

Scammer alert:  UpperclassDates is a scam: overpromise and underdeliver. Guys, stick to the sites you know

I did some work for them, and then they refused to pay the agreed upon amount. That’s the definition of scam, no?  Imagine meeting a sugar daddy or  baby from that site.  Red alert!@

PS: As I find out about more scammer sites I will let everyone know




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Sunspot baby sure had a real good time

Just like the song ..

They say if you live long enough you meet all kinds. Although this one happened when I was younger. I was defrauded .. for a lot of money ..by this “sugar baby”. An old friend/lover of mine said that I am the most jaded man she ever met. Well, I never told this story to anyone ever, but this is why I was so jaded. I don’t mean she took loose change out my car or my pockets. She actually used my signature and stuck me with some rather large bills I couldn’t get rid of.   Not sure how she found it  and maybe she had an accomplice.  Criminal for sure. So I had to pay up. A lot…my pride was hurt more than my wallet but it was still a few grand. Then she moved out of state. I was separated at the time but still I didn’t want to start a legal case across state. Once that stuff starts you can’t control what happens so there was 50/50 chance my folks would have found out. So even in the middle of a separation it wouldn’t have looked good at all and the door would have closed permanently.

I wanted (and still do) revenge so bad. At first I thought that it was the Lord’s way of laying me back for the bad things I had done. Perhaps it was, but at least I never committed a crime. But she did. Needless to say that I regret not pursuing this and if same thing happened now I’d sue everyone

Webb, I am going to get you one day in this world or the next

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Scamm sugar dating websites

Sugar dating without a doubt has become a phenomenon in modern dating. It’s a thing now. One of the reasons it is so widely known and accepted is because of the changes morals and casual attitudes we have about sex and dating.

That said, there are also people who try to capitalize on this trend by putting together scam sugar dating sites. Over the years I have come across some shady ones and I am willing to share.

You will know them when you see them. They have glossy cover stories but then on the inside they may over charge your credit card, overpromise, or not have the “elite” or “upper class” membership they claim

Sugar daddies and sugar babies, let’s start a list of scammer sugar dating websites, for all to know

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