I got an email a while back from this young lady who said she had met this charming sugar daddy, in his forties recently divorced. She admitted she was infatuated with him, and had an affair for about 6 months.  She said she met him through one of the sugar sites, but also told me that he still kept his profile active and she suspected he was still talking to other sugar babies.  She told me that she got another profile and would send him unsolicited emails to see if he would respond.  Essentially, she was so jealous and infatuated with this guy that she would to go the trouble to set up fake profiles and email him and basically stalk him.  Needless to say that, 6 months later I emailed her back to see how things went and she said that they had broken it off. No kidding

So here is a bit of advice on this topic for sugar babies (and some creepy sugar daddies too)

1. It’s ok to become very attracted to someone. It’s human. It’s natural, even if its just sugar, and the age difference is large

2. It’s ok to text and email to stay in touch with someone, within the limits of what is proper and reasonable (i.e. every few days or once a week)

3. It is not ok to stalk someone. It is not ok to insist to have a relationship with someone when the other person has determined they do not want that anymore and have clearly stated to you it’s all over.  To keep after someone is creepy (hence the title of this post) and in many cases even illegal

4. It’s ok to reminisce about the times spent together. But its not ok to keep trying to get back. It’s never good the 2nd time around. It’s ok to think about him/her. It’s not ok to insist to revive something that’s already dead

5. And it’s certainly not ok to attempt and trap the person by creating fake profiles and emailing them through the site, to see if they are ‘faithful’ to you, like that young lady did

The reason I say all this stuff in this post is that more than once I have gotten questions from SBs about their SDs and if ‘they still like me’, or ‘do you think he will keep seeing me?’ or ‘I emailed him last week but he doesn’t respond anymore. Has he moved on?’

So my answer is: If you are having persistent thoughts like this, you are in unhealthy relationship territory and should move on.  Take care of yourself first

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That diner

I was at drinks at a nice wine bar with friends. Maybe it’s weird but on the way back walking through Chelsea I passed by that coffee shop we used to hang out. She crossed my mind for a couple of minutes. I have no regrets, for the end of it. But she just crossed my mind, is all I’m saying

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You give me egg roll I love you long time

Here is a little story, from more than 20 years ago totally politically incorrect but here it is because that’s how trading floors used to be back then. And who are we kidding sometimes they still are.

This was in Hong Kong before it reverted back to the Chinese….
Anyways, I was there with my boss and we were taken out and wined and dined during the day. Our host, observing that I was squeamish about Oriental food I didn’t recognize went to great lengths to explain what each item was like fish eye balls, shark fin soup etc
After hours he took us to this strip joint and as soon as we walk in he told the manager of the store ‘These are my bosses from America if you don’t show them a good time they will fire me’. Well one of those fine ladies had a problem with foreigners and cried out ‘foreign devils’ and stormed off. Awkwardness ensued. Needless to say the manager was very apologetic, the girl companion was replaced by another one who also gave us a mediocre neck massage. Didn’t cost us a red penny either. Using our friend as a translator, we communicated that we were bored out of our minds after a few days there and we wanted some action. My boss said ‘Dave this 40 year old Thai is eye balling you do you want her?’ At the same time I was actually eye balling this Indian woman who was dancing on the counter in a bikini. Her look though was a but too wild like she could stab me in my sleep. That sort of thing.  I said ok fine and we all took them back to the hotel ‘The Mandarin’. She spent the night there and the next morning she said I should come to Thailand for my next vacation. I agreed and there is a great town there called Fukit which I always wanted to visit. Or is it Phukit? Lol
The door knocks and the boss comes into my room looking very concerned ‘David there is a very touch subject I need to discuss and I apologize for barging in here, but when we get back to NY you can not tell anyone especially not my wife what happened here last night.’ Of course I wasn’t planning to. But that was a very good business lesson that I still remember: Don’t fraternize with the employees and do NOT do anything sexual in plain sight. It can be used to gossip or blackmail later on.
The next day we flew to London where I was visibly sick due to some bad Chinese….
The Britts started busting my chops: ‘Is Davey sick? Awww. Whats the matter Davey did you catch syphilis in China? Is a skeeter on your Peter? And then of course the old egg roll joke that appears on the title of this blog. All the while I was trying not to laugh and still keep the contents of my stomach from spilling all over my Bloomberg terminal

One small detail: I do regret not taking the Thai and the Indian both at the same time that night

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Money that matters

Lets see..I think I have met 3 sugar babies that turned into escorts, by my last count
First one was ‘Legs’
Second one was a college student who actually tried to hookup with an agency but the lady who ran the agency told her to go back to her dorm room and reconsider the whole thing because somehow she seemed too sweet to work there. She never told me if she went through with it
Wait, theres more: There was another one, my first one ever in Texas, forget her name now but I do recall that she had a tatoo on her ankle. Later on she emailed me a link to her reviews on the erotic review site! She got great reviews and people liked the fact that she was new to the ‘business’. I wonder where she is now, exactly 11 years later…
And then there was another gal, Cass. Legs who met her, told me that she saw her picture on backpage. I don’t know if that’s true though, I was never able to find it
So that’s actually 4 so far not 3 as originally thought
And then the last one, with which I had an actual relationship and then later on she decided she wanted to do the escorting thing as well. She said she needed the money for regular expenses. I am not criticizing anyone who decides to do this, mind you.
I am just observing the notable number of girls that I came across in the past that decided to take all this one step further

I did a bit of research on the subject. One website said that these women are smart and empowered. Another one confessed that after a while it messed up how she looked at men, and she had a hard time getting a real boyfriend.

As for me, I couldn’t imagine sleeping with them again after they had done, say, 40 or 50 men for money. How would a man know if he is being with the real person or with the manufactured ‘front’  personality that an escort eventually becomes? That was especially true when I ended up seeing Legs for the last time
I felt a bit  strange when I slept with her after brunch. I still liked her though, even though it felt like a long lost friend in a daze kind of situation. Funny because she started licking my balls and putting them in her mouth but I am actually a bit squeamish about that. So she said ‘I have to remember that Montrose doesn’t like his balls licked’
And then, after we were done she had to rush and get dressed because she had just received a call from the agency. Someone called and requested an appointment with her!

Isn’t there a song called ‘Money that matters’? How true

As for me I am more of a believer of what an ancient philosopher said ‘Time is the most precious thing someone can spend’. Sure, you can’t buy food or pay rent with it but still…it’s valuable. And sometimes I ended up spending it with some of the wrong people….



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The young bird’s eyes

Nuttin’ to blog about, since my sugar retirement. A few experiences here or there but nothing worth blogging about. But, that one person’s eyes…were just beautiful, just like she was. Her commitment to me was, at the very least,  very unusual even in real life, let alone sugar, and I could never get how someone can be so sweet and so loyal, when the premise that we met was just sugar to begin with.  What was it that turned her? My animal charm? (I kid…) My oral sex skills? (I kid again…)  Or was it her own circumstance combined with the way I was with her? Even in the worst moments, she would recover the next day and would look at me with those mysterious and very dark and beautiful eyes.

As they say ‘The young bird’s eyes do always glow’

If she only believed in herself…she could achieve so much. I know she will anyway, a few years from now when she becomes more confident in herself


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I met this blond who was around my age at the time, 40. Very confident looking but yet approachable and easy to talk to at the same time.  She picked her favorite neighborhood pub to go to which was nice, casual and trendy.  We sat at the counter, my favorite, ordered drink sand she also ordered dinner. I wasn’t hungry plus I had dinner waiting for me later on. As a side note, one of the bad side effects of sugaring is having to have 2 dinners (with a SB and at home too) resulting in some weight gain. Which I why I went to the gym 4 times a week!  Anyways….The date went very well and we found a lot of things in common to talk about, especially real estate which is something she was starting to dabble in. She revealed that she had recently lost her job and staying with her mother which hurt her pride. I tried consoling he saying that ‘Well, that’s what family is for, no? To help out during hard times’. She wasn’t convinced though, and that was one of the reason she wanted a SD.  Since this was just a first date as an exploratory meeting we didn’t really discuss details of gifts or whatever, we left that till the next meet up, or so I thought.  I wasn’t sure I was going to proceed with this one, even though the date went well. I wasn’t 100% convinced there was great chemistry beyond just pleasantries.  She made a request which caught me off guard. ‘David I was looking for $300 per meet can you give me the money now?’  To which I responded ‘But we haven’t even decided to enter an arrangement yet we are just here for 2 drinks’.  ‘I need the money David, kinda hungry. Can you at least give me $80 so I can by food tonight?’ I did because I felt very bad.  I was thinking that here we are in the most powerful country in the world, next to a very professional and well dressed and groomed looking blond, but yet she was unemployed and relying to random dudes to buy basic stuff.  And she was hungry, which is why she ordered a large dinner and ate pretty fast.  I became sad.  It wasn’t the first time that I met SBs or potential SBs who had hunger issues. More than one told me ‘You know David this dinner is the first meal I have had all day long’.  In one case it was a quick burger special at Shake Shack one evening before she headed home. Hunger stories affect me because I grew up with some crazy stories like that from my older relatives who lived through the Great Depression as kids and almost died of starvation….Unbelievable still. Makes you think what is behind every pretty blond you meet out there

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