I admit it. Sex was all I ever thought of since the age of 11 when I noticed an older girl’s pubes on the beach (she didn’t see me but she was changing in broad daylight, so I peeked). I became addicted to sex and the companionship of women. I wanted to please them. I am a bit embarrassed to admit my number. The only men I ever heard of that did more was these two guys, friends of friends, that traveled about the US having one night stands in every town and they were raving and betting against each other. They reached very well into the multiples of hundreds (if they were telling the truth). I am not into this anymore, and nowadays I am taking better care of myself at the gym and also emotionally and at work. And I have to say my stock trading has become a lot better as well.

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What’s in a picture

I have a pet peeve (one of several ..). They say that men are visual creatures but I would push back on that. Women are just as visual and that can be proven just by the amount of times I have been asked for pictures via email or contacts from the various sugar sites, when I was active. “Can you send me a pic?” was one of the first things I was asked. So, it’s it just men that are visual. All humans are visual. I personally don’t care too much about pictures since I believe in personal contact. A picture is only two dimensional and doesn’t tell me anything about how someone carries themselves. It just shows how tall or short or skinny they are, or what color their hair is. But I don’t really care about those things too much. So you can understand why I used to get a bit insulted after one or two ladies blocked me after I had texted them a “discreet” picture with parts of me blurred out. And that was after we were having some great online conversations already. Why can’t people understand that someone who has a career or family may not want to step into the light ?

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I don’t mean to be graphic or lewd but..

I have searched far and wide during my travels and adventures. Why is it so difficult to find a woman who can do this the right way ? I only met two in my whole life and I have found that most can’t even be taught. Something about timing, momentum etc

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lol like a little family

I blogged about this before a while back , but today this came back to mind as I was walking around midtown (my cardio exercise).

It happened right after I came back to New York from down South. I had only been here a month when I got a call from Tina my old friend from Katy, Texas. She was in NYC on her way to a family function in Maine. She had brought along her 6 year old son who proceeded to jump on me and being a cute playful little kid, as if I was his own father. And then we all went for a quick bite and everyone would treat us like a family. It felt awkward to me. And the awkwardness only went away when Tina asked me to get on my knees so I can fuck her doggy (her son was at another relatives room during that time). Interesting, no?

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Conundrum(second thoughts about sex)

I hate to be a flake but…here was the deal. I had met this lady in her late twenties, very attractive in the pictures she sent. Also attractive in person but less glam. But that’s ok I don’t really care about glamour. So she was nice attractive sweet with curves etc. The “gifts” she wanted were also reasonable. A perfect SB you might say. However, since the first minute we sat down for drinks I couldn’t see myself in bed with her. She did nothing wrong..she was attractive with a cute butt (I am a butt man more than a boobs man). But yet..I couldn’t do it. All I could think about is how would I be in bed with her, what would I do, would I even maintain a hard on? Would I even be aroused? Just because someone is  nice to look at doesn’t mean much I guess.

Contrast this person to a Brazilian I met who exudes sexuality just sitting at a Starbucks with her. Alas we didn’t agree on the arrangement..

So anyways, an hour before the second date I cancelled. Darn it, I hate when I start having second thoughts about stuff.  A brain can be a dangerous thing


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Interest was declining rather quickly

You know when you  first meet someone and the chemistry is great and then you try to set up a second meeting and they drop the ball? (Not responding on time, or feeling prudish right after sexting etc etc, silly stuff).

In that case interest goes down as fast as a rock. As attractive as they are, there are just too many others out there who are attractive in their own way, and can make up for the lost opportunity


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