Does the FOSTA-SESTA Law Affect the Sugar Daddy Baby Lifestyle?

On April 11, 2018, two bills were passed to fight sex trafficking and hold online services accountable for knowingly support, assist, or promote sex trafficking. These bills are FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) and SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act). Combined, they are known as the FOSTA-SESTA law. Although the response to this law was generally positive, there have been some major concerns about it in the sugar daddy baby dating industry.

Why Was the FOSTA-SESTA Law Introduced?

The FOSTA-SESTA law was passed in order to curb sex trafficking by modifying section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1934. This section stated that websites and online services couldn’t be held responsible for the actions and activities of their users. So, for example, if two people are to engage in prostitution, they could be held responsible, but the website would continue to operate its business without any issues as long as its owners or moderators weren’t directly involved.

But with the new FOSTA-SESTA law, the owner of such a website will be held accountable. In fact, if they are found intentionally promoting the prostitution on their platform, they can face up to 25 years in prison. All in all, this law was introduced in a response to a grave injustice that impacts girls and women of color, most of who have landed in the sex trade due to the lack of choices or coercion.

The Impact of the New FOSTA-SESTA Law on the Sugar Daddy Baby Industry So Far

With the introduction of the FOSTA-SESTA law, the sugar daddy baby dating sites and platforms have been affected to a large extent. Most of the renowned sugar baby websites have revised their Privacy Policy and Terms in order to adapt to the FOSTA-SESTA law. The member profiles on most sugar daddy platforms are now more strictly reviewed than before.

Apart from this, the sugar daddy dating apps were also removed by Apple on May 27th, 2018. The App Store no longer accepts sugar daddy baby dating apps. Furthermore, the adult content from accounts on Google Drive was also deleted. Twitter banned adult content users and Craigslist closed its long-running Personals section, citing difficulty to comply with the newly introduced law. The sugar daddy baby lifestyle section on Reddit has also been discontinued.

How Will This Law Affect the Future Development of the Sugar Daddy Baby Dating Industry?

While the FOSTA-SESTA law has hit the sugar daddy baby industry hard, it will not be the end of these platforms. Sugar daddy websites are now focusing on convincing the public that they are not promoting sex trafficking. Most sugar daddy platforms now review the user activity very closely. The platforms that are taking the necessary measures to fully comply with the FOSTA-SESTA law might be able to survive in the future.

In conclusion, the law has surely affected the sugar daddy baby lifestyle as users now have to be more careful thanks to the new Privacy Policy and Terms of sugar daddy platforms and profiles reviewing processes as the FOSTA-SESTA law has increased the banning rates of such users. Only time will tell how this law further affects the sugar daddy baby lifestyle.

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And that’s that

I found this post in draft form in my blog. So I just pressed the ‘post’ button.   Here it goes.

This time for real. This whole sugar daddy experience was definitely an eye opener, and now I am leaving it for good. I am surprised it dragged on for so long, several years in fact, on and off.

I remember when I was a 20 year old chasing around girls my age and it seemed that many of them would ignore us. We would later see them in bars or restaurants with these older guys in their thirties or even older. And my friends would make comments like: “Looks like they are going for the guys that have fast cars and can take them places”. Right-o. I guess they are just after the highest bidder. So, some women, are indeed animals, albeit better looking than, say, grizzly bears. Trying to get as much edge as they possibly can from the man they were with in the shortest period of time. Badabing! It is just the way some went about it that they just took the whole excitement out of the experience. For example, some, would count the Benjamin Franklins and appraise gifts right in front of my face (Total lack of class). Some were just escorts who pretended to be something they were not i.e. real sugar babies. There is a difference you know. Others would just try and outright steal money out of my wallet while they thought (mistakenly) I was not looking, or snoop around my car for loose change.  It came to the point that sex was just being a chore, like I was on auto pilot somehow. And it came to the point that even attractive sugar babies with the hottest of bodies, i.e. the types that would make other men’s heads turn around and follow us as we walked in a restaurant didn’t excite me. I met ladies of all races, stripes, and nationalities (from black, to Indian, to Irish, to Moroccan, to all American, to Africans). I found that what counts, is the total package, i.e. the personality with just the right amount of good looks and inter personal chemistry. I prefer a sweet down home girl that makes me feel comfortable, to a fake blond anytime. Those cases, and they were only a handful out the 50+ ladies I was with, made the whole thing seem more real, and actually lots of fun, memorable and almost worth the hassle (including one individual that I lxxxd, and who I hope follows my personal and professional advice. Baby, please believe what I told you)

A female friend of mine said I should turn this little blog into a book, like a memoir of sorts. This way people would read it and be entertained by my experiences and some of the characters and ran into. She said that women especially would find it interesting as it highlights a man’s perspective. What an idea! I wonder if anyone would go for it…

It was fun. Now, on to better things, such as professional endeavors and travel with family.




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I have a confession to make

After we broke it off, and things started getting really busy with work, I obviously didn’t have the time and wasn’t in any mood to pursue any women.  One thing I did notice however was I kept checking my phone amd my email. As if I was expecting something. A message. Not necessarily from her specifically, but from anyone. Any old “friend” from the old days. Nothing obviously showed up, and I wasn’t expecting anytning realistically. I even texted my old (in time as well as in age) friend Judy but no response. Just as well.

It just goes to show that no matter how busy or how many times one may go to the gym to pass time, sometimes sugar comes back into your veins. Maybe it just never left. Just waiting there, taking a nap. So sugar daddy lifestyle can lead to an addiction, of sorts. And with its own withdrawal symptoms, as I outlined in my book on Amazon ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’

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Ah yes good old days, I remember when I was invited to do that to someone via text while I stepped to the mens room after dinner lol


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I have to admit, that at first I started this blog and wrote my book “Sugar Daddy Diary” on Amazon as part of self analysis and therapy of sorts. I now feel quite relaxed and the party monster I was trying to tame by becoming a sugar daddy has been sated. In the years since I started this blog it became my little diary and a ‘friend’ where I would go tell some deep secrets I never told anyone else. Most of the people I met (with some notable) exceptions, over the course of a lifetime, will become just blips, over time. I do remember each and every single one of them. But just as I was temporary in their young lives, in the same way they were just a little wave that went by in mine. And  a few seconds later the surface of the water is exactly how it was before the wave showed up. Other people pay real good money for therapy. I used this blog as mine. I am so relaxed that I don’t feel the need to write anything anymore. Maybe just make a movie or a play out of it, but I am basically done. Or did I just became too boring? I can honestly say there is no one I want to sit across a table and have dinner or drinks with. There was one that kinda dissapointed me but such is life.  In the end the only thing that matters is how we decide to live and how we choose to interpret the experiences we have lived through

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But I’ll be 21 in a few months!

Here is another random story for you:  I was contacted, when I first started this sugar dating, by this lady and we started talknig, having a nice conversation about a variety of topics.  Then at some point I asked her age and she said 20.  I responded that is a bit young for me and I would feel creepy. For the record I have only been with very very few  women of that age, my preference being womean 25+.  So I told her that.  And then she turns around and says: ‘But I’ll turn 21 in a couple of months!’  Go figuh….

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