My name is David Montrose. I am a married man, for some time now. I consider myself succesful and handsome, great family etc. However, there was a point in my life when I thought something was missing.

That something was the companionship of a woman, and all the excitement that comes with that.
I wouldn’t call this a middle age crisis because I am definitely not middle aged. I was always very sexual, but when my marriage moved into the parenthood phase something changed. I am sure many couples go through this. I wanted to experience, once again, the flirtations and adrenaline that come with being with a new woman.

So I set out to meet some of them. I put ads on the internet because I figured that’s the easiest and more direct way to meet people. I am a business person so I value efficiency :)

My blog posts highlight some of the experiences I went through. I find it cleansing, entertaining, and, if anyone reads it, hopefully they can share and sympathize with some of the experiences I will be describing. The names of the people I met are of course changed to protect their privacy. I also changed locations and names of bars, hotels, restaurants where we used to meet.  On and off this blog will follow the trail of my little adventure as a ‘generous older gentleman’.

I finally decided to write a book about these experiences that include not only some stories about the sugar life but also the personal reasons why I chose to try that lifestyle and how, after a while, it became a compulsion of sorts.

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