One thing I would be afraid of the most is to hurt the familia

Believe it or not David is a family man and he gets scared about these things :(

I been reconsidering a whole bunch of things especially after spending the day today

I get contemplative sometimes on this blog and maybe I will continue to do so, didn’t get any sleep ..just went to the gym today and that’s it. I can’t talk to anyone (sad I know) except for “talking” to this blog

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  1. Angry Gamr says:

    I had it happen.

    Familia found out kinda, not fully

    And it’s healing surprisingly. (I’m shocked mostly) but ya know I’ll never understand women.

    If there is ONE think I have discovered in all this. Women are either into you or not. If they are into you, you are good. If not, it matters little what reason they find to leave.

    When I was a younger lad I always wondered why girls forgave the cheating bad boys.

    Now I am wiser and understand a bit. It’s not what you do or the support you provide it’s how the woman feels when she is with you. Provide that sparky feelings. And you literally can do no wrong. well mostly

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