One thing I always wanted to know

Are most sugar daddies above the age of 45 divorced, single, or married ? Maybe someone should do a scientific survey about that

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  1. Angry Gamr says:

    I was on a closed forum with other Daddies for awhile.

    Rough place and full of a lot of ridicule. I posted a fair amount on topics I found interesting and exciting. There were probably about 50 frequent commenters and a fair number of lurkers. Mostly US or Canada like 1 or 2 European gents.

    I would say the vast majority were 55-65+ and a minority were married. Most were divorced and had been divorced for years. We had a few men in their 20s who wandered in asking how to score cheap date type SBs. We had a few 30s that stayed for awhile (usually after a divorce and their confidence was rock bottom). Sure enough after a sugar arrangement or two they regained their confidence and went on to try PoF or Match for regular dating. So 6 months in they left the lifestyle.

    The big difference I saw was in the ones who “got women”. And those who didn’t.

    I also noticed that the profession that most often came up was Lawyer. And the way these men of Law ended up in the lifestyle was via a client or “friend” of a client.

    It’s brutal having 24×7 locker room talk by men that have decades of sugar experience.

    But I learned and learned well. Didn’t get played too much.

    The biggest lesson I learned there is that it’s ok to want sex and in fact demand it as a part of interactions with a woman. Inside or outside sugar, I basically only pay attention to a woman if she’s f*cking me. If a woman is f*cking you, everything else is pretty straightforward.

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