An old trading story

I remember with a chuckle the one trade that almost got me fired: McDonald’s lol. I had been in and out of that stock a million times. But one day I got a call from compliance saying they wanted to see me. So I got in the room with my boss holding an email from them, saying this is not good and hopefully there will be no consequences. I freaked out on the inside but tried to remain calm. They told me another guy as well (he is British, let’s call him “Rupert”) also got in deep doodoo while trying another stock. Trouble with these restricted lists is that they get updated every day and we have to check manually. No automatic alerts or anything. We both narrowly escaped, phew ..

Some recent trades though, Este, Dupont and Bank America are good ones to watch as well.

I love talking about stocks and while I know this is a dating blog I just can’t help it. I like looking at charts and making trades, some work out well others don’t but I find it all very interesting.

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