What’s in a picture

I have a pet peeve (one of several ..). They say that men are visual creatures but I would push back on that. Women are just as visual and that can be proven just by the amount of times I have been asked for pictures via email or contacts from the various sugar sites, when I was active. “Can you send me a pic?” was one of the first things I was asked. So, it’s it just men that are visual. All humans are visual. I personally don’t care too much about pictures since I believe in personal contact. A picture is only two dimensional and doesn’t tell me anything about how someone carries themselves. It just shows how tall or short or skinny they are, or what color their hair is. But I don’t really care about those things too much. So you can understand why I used to get a bit insulted after one or two ladies blocked me after I had texted them a “discreet” picture with parts of me blurred out. And that was after we were having some great online conversations already. Why can’t people understand that someone who has a career or family may not want to step into the light ?

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  1. Ashley says:

    I’m so happy I came across your site, I love the valuable insight you provide.

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