I don’t mean to be graphic or lewd but..

I have searched far and wide during my travels and adventures. Why is it so difficult to find a woman who can do this the right way ? I only met two in my whole life and I have found that most can’t even be taught. Something about timing, momentum etc

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  1. Angry Gamer says:

    Yeah tell me about it…

    I’ve always wondered why some women are so talented and skilled. While other women just suck at sex.

    I’ve had 3 lovers that really knocked my socks off. As in multiple male orgasms in a single session. All had a few select traits in common. Excellent dirty talk. Adventurous, kinky, and wiliness to please

    Other women were mostly above average in my estimation. 2 were total dead fish

    most men I talk with say they can’t tell if a woman is sexually pleasing and compatible until they have sex
    I used to be more naive and tried “relationship first”, this always made me curve the sex’s merits with a particular woman… which never worked

    These days I press for sex, I judge the sex against my grading scale and only B+ makes the cut.

    harsh I know but it’s just not worth my time to hope a woman gets a clue how to please me. All my excellent lovers figured it out in a few minutes… so I judge by that standard.

  2. Bad Kitten says:

    I think that every man has a nuanced variation on the same basic technique. As a woman, it is hard to determine exactly HOW a man wants it done. More pressure here, less there, a sublet twisting motion at the end… It seems like hand jobs are as varied as fingerprints. I’ve learned to politely ask to be taught. In return I usually offer to demonstrate my own preferences. 😉

  3. Jordana says:

    I for a fact know how ^-^
    Please post this so perhaps potential SD’s may want to chat:
    Instagram: @sugartothecore

  4. persephone says:

    Lol. I’ve only ever been with one man sexually and he says I give the best blow job’s. We have a big age gap, so I really don’t understand how im his first to make him cum orally. Maybe some of it is just intuitive. I think some women really just don’t understand foreskin 😅. Meanwhile I’m ova here studying its behavior like its rare specimen.

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