Interest was declining rather quickly

You know when you  first meet someone and the chemistry is great and then you try to set up a second meeting and they drop the ball? (Not responding on time, or feeling prudish right after sexting etc etc, silly stuff).

In that case interest goes down as fast as a rock. As attractive as they are, there are just too many others out there who are attractive in their own way, and can make up for the lost opportunity


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  1. Angry Gamer says:

    In this lifestyle I only take a potential SB as a serious candidate after an initial meet and continued contact.

    The little dears that are money minded are smarter than they used to be. Now they delay the ask until during or after a first meet.

    The most I give at first meet is gas money. I have a fall out rate of 50 percent these days. All of them I think are only interested in money the SD is just a human with a male part attached. And that male part is the interface to receive gifts and prizes.

    Unfortunately there are too many professional athletes in the sugar bowl these days.

    Girls that disappear are going to training camp for the majors… so yeah

    • I have to agree that quality is going down nowadays. At least in New York it is. Too many people that view this as a job. It has become, as we say, “commoditized”?
      Not sure about Houston anymore , maybe I should go back for a visit and check it out.

      • Angry Gamer says:

        I think Houston is much better I lived there for a few years but moved away and the talent was exceptional. And not so many Pro Athletes in the game. But the pros were numerous.

        NYC has a very real problem that Social media leads people to think they are hyper aware of how things work. There are Insta sites for strippers, for SBs for Pro Athletes… all with helpful how tos and pictures of wads of cash. Wads of cash that every girl gets don’t you know.

        Obviously these sites have an angle. Obviously girls are being misled. But ask any of them and they know a girl who knows a girl who is getting 10k to kiss an old gent on the cheek every weekend.

        Just get a load of the most recent trend. Professional Cuddlers… you heard me girls paid to lie with you in bed while you are both in your long pajamas. I mean isn’t this like normal for 20+ year old marriages????

        So no wonder the girls are confused. They hear about girls getting paid to just cuddle… and wow what would they get for a dinner date? even a peck on the cheek!

  2. Angry Gamer says:

    The problem today is that women have an overinflated sense of their sexual worth.

    And by the time they get a clue about declining attractiveness and drop the superior attitude they are well into their 30s with many bad male memories.

    I have completely changed how I approach women now. I try to find women who have low or no bad male experiences. Which usually means younger. But the real screening is no attitude and no baggage.

    That means no single moms, no suburban princesses, no color queens, no bored young professional secretaries, no marrieds, no girlfriends of broke boyfriends, no duos, no Bi girls, no 420 friendly, no first week emergency types, any that ‘know their worth’,

    I don’t bother putting up with it anymore. I would rather not message anyone than message any of the above time wasters.

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