Conundrum(second thoughts about sex)

I hate to be a flake but…here was the deal. I had met this lady in her late twenties, very attractive in the pictures she sent. Also attractive in person but less glam. But that’s ok I don’t really care about glamour. So she was nice attractive sweet with curves etc. The “gifts” she wanted were also reasonable. A perfect SB you might say. However, since the first minute we sat down for drinks I couldn’t see myself in bed with her. She did nothing wrong..she was attractive with a cute butt (I am a butt man more than a boobs man). But yet..I couldn’t do it. All I could think about is how would I be in bed with her, what would I do, would I even maintain a hard on? Would I even be aroused? Just because someone is  nice to look at doesn’t mean much I guess.

Contrast this person to a Brazilian I met who exudes sexuality just sitting at a Starbucks with her. Alas we didn’t agree on the arrangement..

So anyways, an hour before the second date I cancelled. Darn it, I hate when I start having second thoughts about stuff.  A brain can be a dangerous thing


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  1. Angry Gamer says:

    I have a saying the erection never lies.

    I have had stunning women completely turn me off. And I have had homely women make me mindlessly aroused. I am in this lifestyle for access to gratifying sex. I enjoy the chase I enjoy the flirtation and seduction. But in the end I love great enthusiastic sex.

    It’s not the cherry. It’s not the appetizer. It’s the whole banquet. I never apologize for orienting my life to have access to that quality sex. Today I met with one of my SBs. We had only lunch due to timing but even though she just came dressed from her workout she had me completely captivated at rock like attention. How did she do it?

    Simple really, she asked me how she could please me. What fantasies would I like to have fulfilled. Then she related certain fantasies of her own that would work with my own.

    Just a fascinating conversation. But it’s moments like this that I am in this lifestyle. I want to have the extraordinary. I don’t mind the package but I do look for the giving and pleaser traits in my SBs.

    There is so much disappointment in Sugar these days. Girls get into this thinking it’s a game show where every pretty girl gets sent home with cash and prizes.

    But like any analytical average there can be surprises to the upside if you wait for them.

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