Sunspot baby sure had a real good time

Just like the song ..

They say if you live long enough you meet all kinds. Although this one happened when I was younger. I was defrauded .. for a lot of money this “sugar baby”. An old friend/lover of mine said that I am the most jaded man she ever met. Well, I never told this story to anyone ever, but this is why I was so jaded. I don’t mean she took loose change out my car or my pockets. She actually used my signature and stuck me with some rather large bills I couldn’t get rid of.   Not sure how she found it  and maybe she had an accomplice.  Criminal for sure. So I had to pay up. A lot…my pride was hurt more than my wallet but it was still a few grand. Then she moved out of state. I was separated at the time but still I didn’t want to start a legal case across state. Once that stuff starts you can’t control what happens so there was 50/50 chance my folks would have found out. So even in the middle of a separation it wouldn’t have looked good at all and the door would have closed permanently.

I wanted (and still do) revenge so bad. At first I thought that it was the Lord’s way of laying me back for the bad things I had done. Perhaps it was, but at least I never committed a crime. But she did. Needless to say that I regret not pursuing this and if same thing happened now I’d sue everyone

Webb, I am going to get you one day in this world or the next

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