A nice evening out finally

We went out with some friends from work, only this time the marketing people came out with us. And guess what. They brought them loose girls with them (and cocaine I am sure but that’s another story)  How do you think they seal deals? I am sure at critical times they offer up these ladies to horny clients. Anyways we all but some bars near work and a good time was had by all.  I was talking to some of the ladies that came with us,and our attention was focused on the waitress rear end and body type. In other words, we (men as well as women) were drooling over her. She wasn’t impressive just very proportional with a very nicely shaped butt. As a gag, I offered to talk to this lady and tell her that one of the girls with us wants her phone number. An interesting discussion ensued when my companions thought she was pretty but standoff-ish and thought she would get offended if the ladies started hitting on her. To boot, she would think were a freak show given the variety of age groups and backgrounds in our party. I have to add: I was feeling attracted to a 21 year old…I swore I would not go that young. But I was attracted.  Nothing happened, but I was a bit smitten when she started asking me to take her to concerts or restaurants etc. The old David would have jumped at the chance and had sex already before this blog was written. The David of today just think it’s a bit creepy to see someone who is 20 or 21..



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  1. angry gamer says:

    Eh I always say take a shot, many of these lasses don’t think a more mature man will actually seek sex with them. They fool themselves by think oh he just wants some company or a pretty face to look at.

    So if you want to be all non sexual you can. But if the mood strikes… why not?

    What’s the worst that could happen? She uses you? Is that bad if you get what you wanted?

    She goes clingy and needy? Eh who cares?

    The real danger is if she appears to really have feelings. THEN it’s a big problem an earnest 21 year old full of all her experience and Disney stories can be quite intoxicating. Make you forget that you should keep perspective. Keep focus and tell yourself there is NO WAY this can be real.

    And it isn’t real, but still it’s nice to be in the whirlwind again

    I say this as a man who is of advanced age… with an 18 year old mistress.

    Not to brag but it’s nice to bang a teenager again. But I don’t allow myself to be fooled.

    Well … mostly.

    • Antoinette says:

      Mmm, I care to disagree. From personal experience, I have known and know what men are seeking the minute a young girl walks in. At that point, there is nothing that becomes more apparent than the biological contest that is ingrained in us. It’s rather do we follow through with it?

      But you are right with the feelings thing. Feelings are definitely based on the perspective that we all have had on this journey. That young girl will only have had a myriad of lovely people telling her how special and pretty she is. Sooner or later she realizes the reality of the coping mechanisms we use as adults. And it’s okay to have friends for certain chapters of our stories.

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