I admit I was a bit offended

So here was this lady again telling me about all the great dates and high profile individuals she was hanging out with and being introduced to.  She used to work in a highly social type of service business where it’s relatively easy to come in contact with celebrities or very rich people. I was happy for her. Ever since she was younger she always wanted to be in the company of clean cut businessmen with tailored suits. I was wandering what she was doing with me then. On the trading floor we are a bit more scrappy and not as nicely dressed as the sales or marketing people, or the lawyers. But she kept saying “my feelings for you are different than those I have for other people. I love you. Them, I just like them a lot and am attracted to their success”. I thought that was an odd thing to say. And then there were all those times where she would text me out of the blue and invite me out, and after dinner end up hitting me up for cash or gifts, even though we had no relationship or arrangement at the time. I helped her anyways as I tend to be a compassionate soul. But after a few times of that it started feeling a bit old.

One evening she started complaining about the fact she thought she was a one night stand and all those celebrities don’t want to hang out with her more than a couple of times etc etc. I was like,  they are twice your age what do you expect them to do? Marry you? And then I realized that she was using me just as her fall back plan. I was her consolation prize. When she couldn’t fuck a famous actor or lawyer she would call up a trader (ie David) from the bank to fuck around with. Flattering? Not at all. I was never anyone’s consolation prize and wasn’t about to start being one now. So I told her that she is wasting both our times. I cut the evening short, and just went home after a quick bite and fed my dog Winston. Blocked her from all social media and that was that.

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  1. Angry Gamer says:

    We always say things like Not All Women Are Like That (NAWLT) – but –

    all women are like that

    About the time I first got into SD lifestyle I had two friends who were Frivorced in their mid 30s. The grief was unimaginable on the part of my Bros. The women both made plays to marry up. They found 10 year older dudes to hook up with. 1 made it to country club heaven… one had a series of loser boyfriends.

    It was in the midst of this that I decided to not get married and having limited time due to travel… sugar dated. In that rough and tumble world I lost many illusions of women being noble.

    more later… dinner.

  2. Angry Gamer says:

    Long Story short

    I now insist on sex being a part of my relationships. I don’t take women out to eat I don’t court them traditionally.

    I just bed them as quick as I can. THEN I try to establish a relationship. If there is one to be had. Most times the sex is subpar and not worth pursuit.

    I have always wondered why a more aggressive self centered approach works so well with women. I think it’s because it’s more honest to them than being nice. If you are nice to a woman who normally has men in her life that use her, a good dose of “treating her like a lady” has to feel strange.

    I really don’t know. What I do know is that women are much more interested in the relationship trappings AFTER sex than before. I had a 30 something date actually state that! She said she has sex and then figures out the relationship. Silly male brain thought it was the other way around. But women are creatures that act rashly and THEN rationalize the reality of their choices.

    If I were you I would sex up miss phone expert THEN see if she wants to go for dinner.

    That way you can justify the time and expense.

    And do be a good sport and note how the woman acts on a post sex “date”. My guess is you will be very surprised by the behavior change.

    • Antoinette says:

      It’s all about those expectations! When sex is the first dish served up, who is going to pay attention to what that hors d’oeuvre were in the first place. It’s easier to play around and see the root of the the persons desire is because the expectation of doing things the ‘right’ way is gone.

      I think the desire to meet one role or the other has to be chosen by a women early on for the partner. Either we are here for one thing or we aren’t, whether that be sex, relationship, money, power, status, etc. Switching back and forth causes too much friction and not defining it causes too many mixed emotions. There are also too many girls out there who have had no context for any type of romantic situation and can either be a clean slate or a total trainwreck.

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