Beyond the realm

Something happened to  me today on the way home.  I went out for a quick dinner because I had missed someone’s company and wanted to cheer her up. During that conversation and what was said it donned on me better late than never:  That person had moved on a long time ago and I have been wasting my time (and money as well!). She was looking at her phone and I was looking at mine, and she didn’t even engage. Clearly her mind was on other people and she was there for just for the free dinner. I was starting to feel a bit funny and awkward..I also realized it’s been a long time since I had some real fun, like I used to, and like I have described in my book ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’.  The type of full body fun that makes your senses alert, like a cat in the night. Instead I was there with someone who would rather be somewhere else with her newest sugar daddy. At least the homemade spaghetti was good.

So I am seriously considering to get back on the saddle again at least for a short while.  And while I think about it, if there are any visitors in the NY area who want a SD for a weekend, give me a call and I will even autograph your copy of my book. One never knows. Now it would be nice if my favorite person from San Antonio ever visited but that might be a long shot, Squito.

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