Weird dreams

That’s odd, I had a couple of strange dreams last night. In one case I was in a taxi in Houston with someone I literally haven’t seen in almost 10 years (she is 35 now, omg). She was telling me she wanted to live her life and have a good time so she told the cab driver (a tall brunette that was touching my hand at the same time, lol she wanted a 3some perhaps?) that she wanted to drive to San Antone. So we started heading there but after about half an hour we looked at each other and said, well that not a great idea since San Antone is about 4 hours away. So we decided to stay put. And then I woke up! Wtf. I missed what happened afterwards..

But then I was half asleep and I thought about someone else who used be dear to my heart. And thought that if I was to get together with her now I probably wouldn’t know how to fuck her anymore like I used to. She has been having sex with all those other individuals in the last year or two so I wouldn’t be used to her anymore.

Strange night indeed..

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