A naughty little fantasy

Ok I admit that I had a little fantasy going on a while back. I wanted to sleep with a Chinese lady from the city of Tsingtao. Why there? Because I really like that beer. Tsingtao was a German colony about a century ago or more and they basically imported beer making techniques into China.  I have also met a couple of folks from that town through work anyway and they all strike me as very cosmopolitan and modern. So there.

As luck would have it, I got a response to my ad from someone from Tsingtao. She was 32 and working in the US in finance. So we decided to meet for a drink. She turns up late, which is my pet peeve. She was dressed very nicely though and seemed very classy. And great short cut hair style as well. The hair barely touched the base of her neck, revealing a sexy one at that. Just how I liked it. And after our drink she got up and gave me a deep wet kiss right in the middle of the place, before walking away like a diva. I liked that and was pleasantly surprised, as I generally get annoyed by Chinese women (bad experiences).

We made a date for few days later for more drinks. She liked drinking (socially only) and at that point in time so did I so we were getting along fine so when she invited me back I accepted. She lived alone near the Galeria so no jealous bf’s or husbands.  Easy drive too so I followed the directions, told the security guard I’d be right back, he let me in and there I was. We didn’t lose any time as she wasn’t wearing and underwear underneath. She was ready ! I must have made a good first impression I guess. We started fooling around in the bed and she let me know she had put some special Chinese medical powder on her vagina that apparently has miraculous powers.  The magic of traditional medicine…

I liked having sex with her but unfortunately we only met up once. We had some scheduling difficulties and then a couple of months later I started texting her again but the number was gone :(

Still, a good one time experience that created some nice memories.  So I finally fulfilled my Tsingtao fantasy and closed out finally my bucket list.

There is only one more thing left, but that may never get filled :( not telling





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