Ok I admit it. I was feeling rather bored and maybe even lonely. Maybe I have adult attention deficit disorder but, my point is, I was restless, I get restless easily, and couldn’t find anything to interest me that much. Family and markets are always good of course! But for a moment I longed for something more. Now, remember: I was being very good and disciplined, like a model citizen. No shenanigans of any sort for the longest time. Then she kept emailing me to meet for drinks or dinner. I decided to go ahead and meet a few times. One of those times lead to a discussion about hotels and where could we possibly go. She had indicated earlier that she was available for sex. I suggested we book a room in a local hotel just a few blocks away. I let her check in and she texted me the room number. When I arrived she was already naked on the bed, legs slightly opened, starting to play with herself. I always thought that was very hot!  After I undressed she leaned over and started sucking my cock very gently, it was nice. I liked seeing her long hair over her shoulders like that, it looked very sensual. Not sure if she had a bit of a tan. She then turned around and put a pillow under her belly and I entered her from behind. After that I wanted to take care of her like I used to by going down on her and focusing on her clit with my tongue that just never ever gets tired. I swear. This is when I started thinking…

In the old days, her body movements in response to the oral sex were more predictable and I was able to tell if she was enjoying it, if I should do more of this or that and always brought her to orgasm. This time I couldn’t tell :(  She even turned down light anal play stating that she felt self conscious.

It had been many months since I saw her last so her body movements this time seemed a bit foreign to me, just like they would with someone that was totally new to me. I couldn’t tell if she enjoyed it and the whole thing lasted a long time so I stopped for a few minutes and we had a drink. I asked her if she wanted more and she said yes to that so I continued until she came (or pretended to cum).

What was pretty telling was the fact that I decided to leave after that. In the old days I would have stuck around for another hour and we would have gone at it a second time. Not tonight… and the fact that I wasn’t motivated and she didn’t voice any objection when I was leaving was all I needed to know. It was a done deal. So that evening was just for old times sake, one for the history books.

It was fine by me and maybe overdue, she was not into it anyways. Mistake.

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2 Responses to Postscript

  1. Sandy says:

    Bet she thinks about you all the time

    • I am touched and flattered honestly.
      But I don’t think she understood or read this post carefully
      Sometimes just missing someone is not enough. Just because we miss them, maybe we were lonely, but doesn’t mean we want them. I prefer to remember her as the sweetheart that I knew rather than what she may have been later

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