I have a confession to make

After we broke it off, and things started getting really busy with work, I obviously didn’t have the time and wasn’t in any mood to pursue any women.  One thing I did notice however was I kept checking my phone amd my email. As if I was expecting something. A message. Not necessarily from her specifically, but from anyone. Any old “friend” from the old days. Nothing obviously showed up, and I wasn’t expecting anytning realistically. I even texted my old (in time as well as in age) friend Judy but no response. Just as well.

It just goes to show that no matter how busy or how many times one may go to the gym to pass time, sometimes sugar comes back into your veins. Maybe it just never left. Just waiting there, taking a nap. So sugar daddy lifestyle can lead to an addiction, of sorts. And with its own withdrawal symptoms, as I outlined in my book on Amazon ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’

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One Response to I have a confession to make

  1. Li says:

    W.e you never really wanted sandy back anyways

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