TMI (too much intimacy)

A reader of the blog and my book, Sugar Daddy Diary mentioned that she liked my writing style, its like hearing stories from an old friend. Indeed, I do like telling my little random stories from the dating (especially sugar dating) world.  One story goes like this, and very aptly labeled TMI (too much intimacy).

So here it is, I will try not to be too graphic

I was performing oral sex on someone, when all of a sudden she squirted right ALL OVER my face.  No, with no warning. Nor had she disclosed the fact that she squirts. I actually like that a lot in a woman, but doesn’t common sense say that the lady should warn the man that he is about to get showered with ‘gifts’?  And on top of that, after she got out of bed she goes to the bathroom , sits on the throne, and pees without closing the damn door.  And then she smiled and asked ‘is this too much for you’? She saw the look on my face I guess. So the answer was: ‘Yeah’. Then she closes the door. After the horse has left the barn.  So now I am curious about two things: Guys have you seen that happen? And mind you, this was the first time I was intimate with this person. yet she peed in public.

And gals, why do some women do that? What makes them think that it its ok to do your private business without closing the door? Especially when a romantic partner is basically standing right there? Do tell

More hilarious stories later

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One Response to TMI (too much intimacy)

  1. Anna says:

    Oh god, this is not a woman thing this is definitely a “her” thing. I couldn’t imagine doing that with my SD! I’m right with you with shock and disbelief!!
    Kind of ruins the magic a little…. and not telling you she was going to squirt is just plain rude 😮

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