I have to admit, that at first I started this blog and wrote my book “Sugar Daddy Diary” on Amazon as part of self analysis and therapy of sorts. I now feel quite relaxed and the party monster I was trying to tame by becoming a sugar daddy has been sated. In the years since I started this blog it became my little diary and a ‘friend’ where I would go tell some deep secrets I never told anyone else. Most of the people I met (with some notable) exceptions, over the course of a lifetime, will become just blips, over time. I do remember each and every single one of them. But just as I was temporary in their young lives, in the same way they were just a little wave that went by in mine. And  a few seconds later the surface of the water is exactly how it was before the wave showed up. Other people pay real good money for therapy. I used this blog as mine. I am so relaxed that I don’t feel the need to write anything anymore. Maybe just make a movie or a play out of it, but I am basically done. Or did I just became too boring? I can honestly say there is no one I want to sit across a table and have dinner or drinks with. There was one that kinda dissapointed me but such is life.  In the end the only thing that matters is how we decide to live and how we choose to interpret the experiences we have lived through

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  1. Curious says:

    I came by this blog on accident but after reading your blog it helped me figure out a few questions I had in my head so thank you 🙏

  2. Ellen says:

    I was wondering these days whats going on and why so much silence.
    Glad it seems its good.

    Sometimes the stone falls on the sand beneath the surface and there it is the place where it makes a difference, even if the waters above are still and undisturbed like nothing ever had happened. 😉

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