How old is old enough?

As we age, we change.  True, obviously, both for men as well as women.  For the guys who are SDs, what is the age limit where this whole dating younger women thing gets a bit to old? (Pun intended!). Especially once we reach our late 40’s or 50 range. When should we call it quits? Just say ‘hey you know we had a lot of fun met a lot of people, now its time for the party to end’ How much is enough? It would be good to hear from readers. I know nowadays people live longer and healthier but still there has to be a time where we no longer have the need to prove anything, or re-live the good old days, or score one more or any of that. Too  much is enough?

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  1. Marco says:

    I’m 55. Still have a flat belly, take care of myself, etc., etc. Don’t need any medicinal assistance. I’m still in the game. But I’ve found I gravitate more toward girls who are in their 30s as opposed to those in their low 20s. Can’t really have a decent conversation with the younger ones. Yes, they look great, but they have a reduced set of manners and inflated expectations when it comes to allowances. Older girls seem easier to me, at least here in the NYC area.

  2. Anon says:

    So I’m 18 and a newbie to the whole sugar baby game. I’ve heard it’s hard to get a sugar daddy when youre so young because youre seen as “dumb” and “immature.”. Without tooting my own horn, I can hold my own, and am very mature for my age. How do I show that to a potential sugar daddy?

    • You just show it though your behavior and the way you communicate with them
      One thing: some SDs might be hesitant to go out with someone that young because they may have daughters or nieces that age

  3. I’m closing in on 55 in just over a week. I’m not in the best of shape, but I still look pretty good. I’ve been off the market for nearly a year now, but when I return, my preferred age range will be over 30 and under 35. Even though I’ve met much younger women who had great heads on their gorgeous shoulders, I too found it disconcerting that the younger women routinely lacked manners and had overly high expectations for allowances. Not that there wouldn’t be some sucker willing to fork it over for a young woman, but still…

  4. Stan says:

    I am 60. Have been a Sugar Daddy for 5 years to two (sequential) Babies, both in mid-20s. I liked that they were open to mentoring, I helped them finish college and begin their life. They could hold a conversation but we would read books together and discuss the news. They were energetic and open in bed and liked being in the hands of an experienced lover. I will not date younger than 25 (too immature and inexperienced) or over 35 (too negative on life and set in their ways (less open).
    Regarding my age…the above age range is younger then my own kids and I enjoy the company of a younger woman. As long as I can perform in bed and please my baby, I will keep doing this.

    • ANON says:

      I’m 18 and I realized early on that I wasn’t into boys my age. I always thought it was weird that I was attracted to older men and they were attracted to me. I realized that the attraction was based on maturity and I actually tried “dating” an older guy and it was great, we still talk on occasions and my college is paid for.

  5. Red Jessica says:

    Im 50, but certainly don’t look it. Long red hair, killer curves. I’m get hit on by younger all the time. Must be the Stifflers mom thing. (American Pie) I’m happily married, open marriage and Sugaring was brought up to me and I’ve been reading up. I’m discussing with my husband about getting a SD or giving it a shot. That way I can get spoiled with extras. We do ok, but extra cash would be nice.i was concerned about my age and being married. But reading your blog, I’m feeling pretty good. Just working out particulars

  6. That is a very insightful comment actually. Is it “the road goes on forever and the party never ends?” I doubt it. Sugar dating has an expiration date and the professional world does have its own code of ethics and limits.
    I admit though, I find accountants sexy

  7. J says:

    I’m 43yrs, been in the sugar game for 3yrs, and I’ve dated women between the ages of 18-31. In my experience: I’ve found that a lot of younger women do have an inflated allowance requirement until you meet and have an incredible 1 or 2nd date. Then they reduced the allowance requirement so they can have a great arrangement and someone who respects them and doesn’t treat them like a prostitute. Women under the age of 26yrs are not very good at day to day communications unless you are face to and take the whole NSA to an extreme. Women above the age of 26yrs are better at connecting on a personal level and understanding there is more to an arrangement than showing up getting spoiled with money and gifts.

  8. What age is too young for a sugar baby? Are there Sugar Daddies who prefer to date younger, rather than older? How can I avoid coming off as immature?

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