I got an email a while back from this young lady who said she had met this charming sugar daddy, in his forties recently divorced. She admitted she was infatuated with him, and had an affair for about 6 months.  She said she met him through one of the sugar sites, but also told me that he still kept his profile active and she suspected he was still talking to other sugar babies.  She told me that she got another profile and would send him unsolicited emails to see if he would respond.  Essentially, she was so jealous and infatuated with this guy that she would to go the trouble to set up fake profiles and email him and basically stalk him.  Needless to say that, 6 months later I emailed her back to see how things went and she said that they had broken it off. No kidding

So here is a bit of advice on this topic for sugar babies (and some creepy sugar daddies too)

1. It’s ok to become very attracted to someone. It’s human. It’s natural, even if its just sugar, and the age difference is large

2. It’s ok to text and email to stay in touch with someone, within the limits of what is proper and reasonable (i.e. every few days or once a week)

3. It is not ok to stalk someone. It is not ok to insist to have a relationship with someone when the other person has determined they do not want that anymore and have clearly stated to you it’s all over.  To keep after someone is creepy (hence the title of this post) and in many cases even illegal

4. It’s ok to reminisce about the times spent together. But its not ok to keep trying to get back. It’s never good the 2nd time around. It’s ok to think about him/her. It’s not ok to insist to revive something that’s already dead

5. And it’s certainly not ok to attempt and trap the person by creating fake profiles and emailing them through the site, to see if they are ‘faithful’ to you, like that young lady did

The reason I say all this stuff in this post is that more than once I have gotten questions from SBs about their SDs and if ‘they still like me’, or ‘do you think he will keep seeing me?’ or ‘I emailed him last week but he doesn’t respond anymore. Has he moved on?’

So my answer is: If you are having persistent thoughts like this, you are in unhealthy relationship territory and should move on.  Take care of yourself first

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4 Responses to Creepy

  1. Marco says:

    Weird, I’m going through kind of the same thing…only I’m the one suddenly acting nutty. I’m pretty terrified at the prospect that I’ve essentially been reduced to a babbling 15 year old, and that ain’t me. :)

    • I been in similar places too. I met a couple of women that made me regress into a babling moron. Not good, and we ended it. Sometimes these young women are just too much

      • Marco says:

        Thing is, this one hits me all across the spectrum. Like she strobes me across all the senses. Even when I’m out with another girl, I’m thinking about her. It’s like I suddenly became a lunatic! :)

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