The young bird’s eyes

Nuttin’ to blog about, since my sugar retirement. A few experiences here or there but nothing worth blogging about. But, that one person’s eyes…were just beautiful, just like she was. Her commitment to me was, at the very least,  very unusual even in real life, let alone sugar, and I could never get how someone can be so sweet and so loyal, when the premise that we met was just sugar to begin with.  What was it that turned her? My animal charm? (I kid…) My oral sex skills? (I kid again…)  Or was it her own circumstance combined with the way I was with her? Even in the worst moments, she would recover the next day and would look at me with those mysterious and very dark and beautiful eyes.

As they say ‘The young bird’s eyes do always glow’

If she only believed in herself…she could achieve so much. I know she will anyway, a few years from now when she becomes more confident in herself


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One Response to The young bird’s eyes

  1. SJ says:

    Wow. I wish someone would talk about me that way. Lucky girl

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