Money that matters

Lets see..I think I have met 3 sugar babies that turned into escorts, by my last count
First one was ‘Legs’
Second one was a college student who actually tried to hookup with an agency but the lady who ran the agency told her to go back to her dorm room and reconsider the whole thing because somehow she seemed too sweet to work there. She never told me if she went through with it
Wait, theres more: There was another one, my first one ever in Texas, forget her name now but I do recall that she had a tatoo on her ankle. Later on she emailed me a link to her reviews on the erotic review site! She got great reviews and people liked the fact that she was new to the ‘business’. I wonder where she is now, exactly 11 years later…
And then there was another gal, Cass. Legs who met her, told me that she saw her picture on backpage. I don’t know if that’s true though, I was never able to find it
So that’s actually 4 so far not 3 as originally thought
And then the last one, with which I had an actual relationship and then later on she decided she wanted to do the escorting thing as well. She said she needed the money for regular expenses. I am not criticizing anyone who decides to do this, mind you.
I am just observing the notable number of girls that I came across in the past that decided to take all this one step further

I did a bit of research on the subject. One website said that these women are smart and empowered. Another one confessed that after a while it messed up how she looked at men, and she had a hard time getting a real boyfriend.

As for me, I couldn’t imagine sleeping with them again after they had done, say, 40 or 50 men for money. How would a man know if he is being with the real person or with the manufactured ‘front’  personality that an escort eventually becomes? That was especially true when I ended up seeing Legs for the last time
I felt a bit  strange when I slept with her after brunch. I still liked her though, even though it felt like a long lost friend in a daze kind of situation. Funny because she started licking my balls and putting them in her mouth but I am actually a bit squeamish about that. So she said ‘I have to remember that Montrose doesn’t like his balls licked’
And then, after we were done she had to rush and get dressed because she had just received a call from the agency. Someone called and requested an appointment with her!

Isn’t there a song called ‘Money that matters’? How true

As for me I am more of a believer of what an ancient philosopher said ‘Time is the most precious thing someone can spend’. Sure, you can’t buy food or pay rent with it but still…it’s valuable. And sometimes I ended up spending it with some of the wrong people….



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  1. GM says:

    Yes time is the most valuable commodity that one has to give unfortunately not everyone remembers that let alone values it until it is too late….. I give my time wholeheartedly but unfortunately it has been to the wrong people who never appreciate it. (Cue my mother telling me that nice girls finish last). I have no regrets but I am hopefull that karma will reward me with someone who gives back to me in equal measure if not more. Thanks for your post. GM

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