I met this blond who was around my age at the time, 40. Very confident looking but yet approachable and easy to talk to at the same time.  She picked her favorite neighborhood pub to go to which was nice, casual and trendy.  We sat at the counter, my favorite, ordered drink sand she also ordered dinner. I wasn’t hungry plus I had dinner waiting for me later on. As a side note, one of the bad side effects of sugaring is having to have 2 dinners (with a SB and at home too) resulting in some weight gain. Which I why I went to the gym 4 times a week!  Anyways….The date went very well and we found a lot of things in common to talk about, especially real estate which is something she was starting to dabble in. She revealed that she had recently lost her job and staying with her mother which hurt her pride. I tried consoling he saying that ‘Well, that’s what family is for, no? To help out during hard times’. She wasn’t convinced though, and that was one of the reason she wanted a SD.  Since this was just a first date as an exploratory meeting we didn’t really discuss details of gifts or whatever, we left that till the next meet up, or so I thought.  I wasn’t sure I was going to proceed with this one, even though the date went well. I wasn’t 100% convinced there was great chemistry beyond just pleasantries.  She made a request which caught me off guard. ‘David I was looking for $300 per meet can you give me the money now?’  To which I responded ‘But we haven’t even decided to enter an arrangement yet we are just here for 2 drinks’.  ‘I need the money David, kinda hungry. Can you at least give me $80 so I can by food tonight?’ I did because I felt very bad.  I was thinking that here we are in the most powerful country in the world, next to a very professional and well dressed and groomed looking blond, but yet she was unemployed and relying to random dudes to buy basic stuff.  And she was hungry, which is why she ordered a large dinner and ate pretty fast.  I became sad.  It wasn’t the first time that I met SBs or potential SBs who had hunger issues. More than one told me ‘You know David this dinner is the first meal I have had all day long’.  In one case it was a quick burger special at Shake Shack one evening before she headed home. Hunger stories affect me because I grew up with some crazy stories like that from my older relatives who lived through the Great Depression as kids and almost died of starvation….Unbelievable still. Makes you think what is behind every pretty blond you meet out there

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