She wanted to be worshipped

Here’s a good one. So, I knew this nice looking lady (typical college look, like a sorority girl at Rice University). Very short term affair, but at that time I liked those anyway.  We went out a few times and she would always show up dressed as college girl with jeans and a nice shirt or sweater. Then I has lost touch for a couple of months until a time when I emailed her and she responded. We went for dinner at Arturo’s and when I saw her I was like ‘wow, she is looking very different, very attractive and very corporate’. She was talking about her new job in marketing and was so excited about it. She mentioned that she had canceled her profile at the sugar site, and that she now did her own shopping and her own hair and nails without relying on sugar daddies. I was impressed because even though she was only 2 months older than the last time I saw her, she seemed like years away from the sorority girl I had first met.  I kept smiling through dinner because I was happy for her. At the same time I was wondering what she was doing there with me. Clearly she had moved on to a different, better phase of her life. ‘Thanks for reaching out’. And then she revealed something very insightful. She said that because she is pretty, most guys don’t give her the time of day. They see the outside and then stereotype her, and basically walk away. Or just want her for a one night stand. I guess she liked the attention that older men gave her, with their extra confidence and more relaxed type of attitude. For example, I listened to her patiently and gave her my opinion about her work etc and I think she appreciated that. I didn’t just want to get in her pants. AND: she was such a narcissist though, it seemed, looking at her self in the mirror all the time and then turning around and smiling. The sugar baby wanted to be worshipped, and I did for a few evenings. She wasn’t very communicative so I didn’t pursue it further, heck, we had fun and a few nice dates. What else could one want…

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  1. Java says:

    I recently had one like this. A 9 by any measure. We went out as friends and then since I didn’t live in her city I lapsed contact.

    Then I was flying out her way so I came through her city. The first night it was like WOW she was dressed to the hilt and showed off her stunning body. But no dice moving to intimacy.

    I asked a friend about her dress up and no go. She said that women dress for other women. So in effect she wanted to look sexy but that didn’t necessarily mean she was into a man.

    With these types you have to deny the adulation they crave.
    You have to almost insult them to pierce their narcissistic bubble.

  2. Lisa says:

    Historically men 30 and beyond tend to prefer much younger women – what I wonder though is if you get tired of being the “older man”? The usual insult that comes with being the “old guy” as shared in some of your other posts – women (girls really) who have absolutely no appreciation for your physical appearance, and joke at your expense. Isn’t that really degrading? Isn’t it degrading that a person spending time with you intimately would touch you while thinking “gross”? Not to mention these girls have absolutely no idea how to be seductive beyond what is sold at Victoria Secret. :) You may want to consider a mid-30s woman at some point – **wink. I promise we taste (smell) yummy.

    • Lisa you raise some good points. Sometimes I did feel strange being with very young women. I found myself thinking “is what I am doing creepy?”
      And if I ever thought that they were freaked out by me I would just dump hem
      Maybe someone in their 30’s would be nice. Certainly more in common

  3. Desiree says:

    I am not a SB nor do I need a SD. I’m only 20 BUT I met this older gentleman. (Truely a gentleman) where I work. I check him in from time to time (I work at a hotel) and there is a mutual attraction. However, he is well established and I know he is older than 45. He even invited me to Paris in which I declined because of work and school. anyways he’s a good looking man for his age and he could easily get a girl that is his age. Some guys really do like just to spoil girls if there’s a connection. I am looking at this blog because I think he might be a SD considering the gifts he wants to give me.

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