Virgin SB?

I have a hypothetical scenario for the SDs out there. Would you have an arrangement with a SB who was still a  virgin (i.e sexually a virgin)?

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  1. Only if she agreed to let me deflower her. There is zero benefit for an SD to have a platonic arrangement.

  2. Ang Daddy says:

    Always I have had 2 SBs who were virgins when we met. And became true women under my care.

    And I am currently working on another who is a virgin.

    The issue is you will wait to coax the dear girl out of her burden. And this takes TIME TIME TIME. And some more time. And at the end of this you have a very committed lover who thinks you are the best sexual animal ever. What’s not to love?

    But there is the issue of what you do for release while you are working on virgin girl. And that is delicate what I do is have at least a bootie call girl or FWB type side chick so I can ease on the pressure for virgin girl.

    • The approach makes sense to me. If you have the time to spend

      • Ang Daddy says:

        If you consider all the time we spend with Meets on randos who flake, disappear, ghost or ask us “what’cha lookin fer John” I think it equals out really.

        The idea that I get more action from virgins is somewhat new. Frankly it’s a reaction to all the f-ing pros that see a guy named John regularly and call him a Sugar Daddy. These days every stinking two bit ho out there will put up an ad or proclaim herself to be a sugar baby.

        they of course are not, they don’t care at all about their SD’s only their money.

        So why bother to do the meets with half chance they are hos? Why not meet nice girl. Court nice girl using all that time you would waste talking to hos?

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