Some limitations of married sugar daddies

We all know that the sugar lifestyle is supposed to be NSA, clear limits are drawn due to the ‘arrangement’ aspect of this, we just have a bit of fun, and at some point in time in will be over.  Most SDs and SBs can deal with this fact of life, it’s a given. Every now and then however we all meet someone who has us ‘enamored’, so to speak. We find ourselves saying ‘Wow that was a great date, can’t wait to see her/him again’. And each subsequent date is also very nice regardless of sex taking place or not.  I found myself in that situation with this 23 year old once, planning every meeting and making sure I don’t screw up. It was short lived, it was during that time of my life when I was travelling almost every week. Using that situation as an example, I caught myself thinking about her at odd times, also wondering what her expectations were of me (besides the gifts, that is), I wanted to make a good impression. Was she thinking about me at all? Should I text more often and just say hello? I am not the type that invades people’s personal lives so I restrained myself.  But did she expect more frequent communication? Should I let her know I was thinking of her? Her body language and behavior toward me seemed to welcome that but… I still hesitated. It would make me pensive, to think that it would be over soon. I would sigh at the fact that the limitations of the sugar lifestyle are always there, by definition.  But what could I possibly do? Another SD long time ago said ‘It is the transitional nature of these relationships that makes it hard’. Indeed we are all on our way somewhere else. Somehow sugar makes it harder to even try and develop into something else. I did try, you know. How can a SD, being married, have a serious gf with an emotional relationship outside a marriage? Occasional fun is one thing.  But being involved in a long term mutually caring relationship? That’s yet another level which for married people is just not very fair, or safe on so many levels. And it is frustrating…I have been so frustrated in the past, having met at least one special individual.  What would I tell her?

And I just realized that I titled this ‘Some limitations of married sugar daddies’. Instead, I should have used ‘Some limitations of the sugar lifestyle’.

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6 Responses to Some limitations of married sugar daddies

  1. As a (semi)-retired Sugar Daddy, I can say that emotional attachments between me and any of the SBs I knew throughout the 8 years definitely were obstacles. I made the mistake of thinking that there was room for that kind of connection. If I ever get the chance to do this again, I’ll never let that happen.

  2. MidwestSD says:

    What if the sugar daddy is not married? In a such a case, a transition to an emotional relationship is an easy option for the sugar daddy. Or is it? How can the sugar daddy be sure the affection is reciprocated? Does he ask his sugar baby give up her allowance to prove her undying love? That seems unfair. Perhaps the best option for the sugar daddy is to exit the arrangement. It is a dilemma, yes?

    • If a SD is not married then I don’t see anything wrong with transitioning to a ‘regular’ relationship. After all, we are all human. The tricky part would be how to do this transition. And while doing this transition does the allowance continue? How does the SD know he is being liked or maybe even loved, for who he is rather than the cash? That’s the real test whether this emotional relationship is real or not

  3. Ang Daddy says:

    The feelings that a baby gets for her daddy are a feature not a flaw of sugar. Full stop.

    I have been in this a long time. And I can tell you that earnest endearing caring by a female to a male IS the best thing that can happen in any relationship.

    Why fight this? Are you afraid to be ‘mean’ and not give her the emotional care you think an SB needs?

    If so you are deeply mistaken. Women are wired to desire what they can’t have. A busy married man is just the ticket for a girl to pine after while you are giving her as much attention as you can.

    As I look out on the desert landscape of millennial dating. I see very emotionally needy girls who need to grow out of that neediness. Welp the only way it’s going to happen is if a strong caring man gives her the relationship she needs but denies her the emotional tampon boyfriend experience she’s likely to get from neckbeards.

    Enter busy older man with tons of commitments away from 20something girl. And she dotes and pines like it’s her first crush.

    Feels are a feature not a bug

  4. But what if the man is married. Surely that stands for something, even this day and age. Like the good Book says: One can not serve 2 masters, God and Mammon

    • Ang Daddy says:

      Ummm. Why serve two masters?

      Why even worry about it? You have the SB as the side dish always. Pretty simple. If she’s busy with work, friends, school or whatever. She may not be looking to get locked down in a serious.

      In any case I don’t worry too much about my SB’s feelings. I worry about her being available for my needs. If she’s into me that all flows naturally if she’s not into me she’s not available.

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