Table manners

Just something that crossed my mind:  There is no more annoying thing than bad table manners, ok? Especially if someone is sitting at a nice restaurant across from someone chews with her mouth open and afterwards cleans her teeth with her fingers. I remember that one from way back when…I thought to myself ‘And I am supposed to kiss that? Nope’. No second date would be had I just rushed t finish my dinner and not waste anymore time there.  Maybe I am not the classiest person on the planet but it’s my pet peeve when I see people with bad table manners.  Is that too much?

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  1. Ang says:

    I look at a diner/lunch meet as a grand opportunity to see who I’m dealing with.

    If they don’t appreciate a nice meal in a fine establishment. They won’t appreciate me.

    If they are not polite to the waitress. They won’t be polite to me.

    The dinner date is almost cliche in modern western culture. But in many respects the act of sharing a meal IS very telling of who you are dealing with. For my part I relish the act of setting up situations that give me a read on who I am considering going to bed with.

  2. Patience Zhakata says:

    Hi, all that you’ve said makes sense. I have very good table manners but i hate is when I’ve already discussed what I’m having to eat yet a man will actually expect me to make the order to the waiter/waitress. Like seriously?

  3. Sola says:

    These are my thoughts in even the boringest cafeterias. lol

  4. Kerri Berri says:

    A SD gave me the cold shoulder for using hand sanitizer instead of washing my hands after dinner. I thought his behavior was extreme and unjustified. I got super dolled up, so naturally I visited the restroom throughout dinner to make sure I was still looking glam. I washed my hands during each visit. Also, I hardly touched my food to avoid looking like a pig. He clearly lacked perception. Do you find this gross table manners Dave?

  5. Lady Barbados says:

    Where did you use the hand sanitizer? Hand sanitizer is fine it’s where you decide to clean yourself that is the issue. I wouldn’t take it out in a nice restaurant at at the table. Hands Sani is meant for emergency situations where you can’t get to a sink. Come on now.

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