Spiedini Romana

She went to his room and helped take of his pants and underpants, before she started sucking his cock. Then he turned her over and entered her from behind before finally she started riding him, her favorite position.  He spanked her butt, lightly. She always liked clean cut business men. Afterwards she walked around the shiny lights of Midtown and Times Square, admiring the store front displays and the well dressed crowds, a bit pensive. Headed down to the subway, took one more quick look uptown at the ‘great white way’ of Broadway one last time, got on her train, then took the transfer at 14th street. She thought about her ex-bf, they used to hang out in that area. Checked her cell phone, just a text from a colleague. Took a shower before lying down and thought about him again while laying there in the dark and wondering if, on that evening, he was also banging someone.  Turns out he was making an old recipe ‘Spiedini Romana’ which he loved to eat during high school at his aunts house. Messy to make, but yummy, lol

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