Did you see any action, did you make any friends

Wasn’t there an old song that went like that?   She asked the unbelievable ‘Let’s have a 3 some David. I will have one with you’.  I declined the offer because I could feel something was up. And the person she offered to do it with…. Well…I just couldn’t do it so I didn’t even entertain that offer seriously. Given the fact our last one, she did not like in the least bit, I was surprised, no, stunned, that she would offer to do this.  So this got me thinking: either she already had another one and now she is ok with the notion to do it again with me, or she was planing to have one and she just wanted to have the practice with me as the guinea pig.  Why am I even mentioning this? I just like observing behavior, that’s all. I know all this may sound a bit strange to some readers, but when you have known someone and you are a perceptive person, you can pick up subtle hints, looks, or body language, and people tell you all kinds of things through non-verbal clues. It is interesting to observe. Of course I have been wrong before, but I’m just saying.  You know… it’s like when you enter a bar that you have been going to for the past 10 years and you know everything and everyone. But then one day you walk in and suddenly there is one little thing out of place that just seems a bit off.  You pick up that little hint and you exit the bar before the mobsters barge in guns a-blazing, 2 seconds later.

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  1. Maybe it bothered her that she didn’t enjoy it more, and out of affection for you she chose to have another one with someone who turned her on. Couldn’t have taken one for the team?

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