New year new goals

2016 is over and for the new year I just have a few simple goals.  Work a bit more on my health as far as eating healthier and exercising more. May take up martial arts again. Another resolution is to become a more courageous trader. Too conservative in the past couple of years, so this year I will put on bigger positions with tighter exit stops. Will double up.  On a more personal note, we lost a few people in the past couple of years, either personal relatives or old neighbors (one was only a year older than me, yikes).  So in 2016 I decided to get closer once again to family (working quite well I might add) so I will continue to do so in the coming year. It feels great and its the right thing to do.

As for this blog? Well the stories will continue. There will not be any new stories, as I have no new SBs or ‘friends’ or anything of the sort.  The blogs will be more of a new interpretation of older stories now that I am more removed from them.  There is more to be learned, when we look back to historical events a long time after they are done. They take on a new light, don’t they? Everything somehow becomes a bit less urgent or dramatic.  There may also be some old stories from the past which I never talked about yet.  And at some point, this whole blog will become history and will vanish in the way it appeared. At that time the process that started with my first ever blog entry will have been accomplished.

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  1. N says:

    David, have you decided to stop being a SD? I was so looking forward to new stories. I’m new to the NYC sugar scene and once I came across your blog a couple hours ago I couldn’t stop reading. I do hope that you make a post about sugar traveling, though :)


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