Lesson in oral sex

Here is a precious one, and a unique experience which only happened to me once.  I got a note from someone once saying ‘Hi, I am going to give you a lesson in oral sex. Men usually suck at it so I want to give you a lesson’. It was one of those ‘wtf’ moments.  I had no idea who this was, we never met ever. Not before this and not since!  But anyway, I played along so we kept emailing back and forth so I finally agreed to meet and receive my ‘lesson’ in performing oral sex on a woman.  I got to the appointed place and she was there, she undressed and then invited me to undress as well.  I declined.  The agreement was no sex whatsoever, so I figured why undress and get all comfy and excited when there will be no release?  I decided to make this more like a clinical appointment with a twist.  ‘Show me what you got’ she said.  So I leaned over and parted her lips uncovering her rosebud. ‘Good, you do that…’ she said. Of course, moron, who do think I am! Anyways I continued my performance and pretty soon she was starting to moan.  I then inserted one finger, followed by a second one to which she commented ‘This is like fucking’.  Ok…..I kept the pace steady and could feel her rotating her hips while groaning and eventually she stood up, came, and squirted on the carpet!  ‘I give you a nine out of ten’. I was flattered, given the fact that I never met this person before in my life. But was able to please her nevertheless, by following the cues her body (and her pussy) were giving me. We shook hands and I left. That’s it.  This was a very flattering experience, on the same level as: ‘David, you give oral sex as good or better than a  lesbian’ an old comment given to me by a bisexual woman ages ago.  And I have to thank this 26 year old beauty who, when I was younger, very patiently taught me whatever I know about giving head to a girl.

But now this experience got me thinking that I should offer lessons as well. So I am making the following offers to readers of this blog or my book ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’ on Amazon, located in the New York tri-state area:

Offer 1

I can give you a lesson in how to give oral sex to a man, no charge, and no intercourse involved.  You need it, trust me. At least 40% of the women out there are clueless on this.

Offer 2

I can give you a lesson on how to give a hand job. You won’t believe how many women (I would easily say 70%) give too rough, or to gentle hand jobs focusing on the wrong area of the male organs.

Offer 3

I can perform oral sex on you, no reciprocation needed, and you grade my skills

Offer 4

Any combination of the above, but now, if we decided we like each other intercourse will happen.  As an extra enticement, I will throw in a few stock tips for 2017, courtesy of my public equities research department. And if you bought my book I will sign a copy for you

What do you think? Send me an email, I am waiting



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8 Responses to Lesson in oral sex

  1. Not a bad deal, but today’s SBs are pretty jaded and would think you were taking advantage of them to get your dick sucked.

  2. Hanna says:

    Haha thats a desprate way to get a free blowjob!!! Pathetic post!

    • Hi Hana thanks for reading. It is actually a heartfelt attempt to enhance people’s skills, for the benefit of SD/SB mankind. Nothing wrong with that. And I know we can all use a few stock tips or investment advice as well. Whoever is interested let them come forward

  3. Hanna says:

    You must believe you are incredibly attractive to make this post

  4. Liz says:

    Actually i disagree. David is okay with giving and recieving oral sex. If it was only him offering i could see how that would look scummy but unlike most sugar daddys he understands theres a balance.

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