When should the sugar daddy start giving benefits?

Just a quick thought here. In the past, my arrangements were pretty straightforward. It was a dating relationship, intimacy happened fairly soon into the relationship etc etc.

Once, I had met a lady, she was my age almost exactly.  She was a prospective sugar baby, and I basically told her than we can take it easy and I didn’t expect intimacy on my terms but that I am usually patient about these things if I indeed like someone and enjoy spending time with them. She responded that she appreciated my outlook on this issue. She then added that she expected the arrangement to start before intimacy started.  She went on to stay that I can trust her and she will not just take the money or gift and then vanish never to be seen again.

I trusted her because she seemed mature and serious, but I was on the horns of a dilemma for a while. Should I enter the arrangement and provide benefits for a while I am not receiving anything in return?  That wold go against my instincts. After all, I like fairness and carefully balanced relationships. So I mulled it over for a couple of days but then I just let it slide. I just couldn’t do it. Why should I support a total stranger without getting anything in return?  We are nice and kind to our family, our colleagues at work, and our friends that are close to us. But why extend this to outside that circle of people? After all, sugar is a different realm. I figure, if you want gifts or money for free, get a father, a husband, or Santa Claus. Right?

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2 Responses to When should the sugar daddy start giving benefits?

  1. Ajerante says:

    Oh man, I had a bad experience in the past, which taught me never to pay in advance. It was in hindsight a cheap lesson.
    I’ve been searching in a new city, since I just moved, and man some ladies are out of their minds. Could you believe one dared to ask 3500 (yes, US currency) for 4 dates per month, with no intercourse involved?.
    It’s hard to be polite sometimes.

  2. Sugar Queen says:

    Wow that is sad to hear but be rest assured that not all SBs are like that. Sorry that happened to you.

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