Married sugar baby

I remember during my NY & Texas days, I was in NY for a few days and met up with this lady who was just a couple of years younger than me at 39, married for 6 years, no kids, both spouses had career jobs.  I met this married sugar baby at a hotel and got down to business pretty quickly. She saw my hard on and said ‘Can I dive right in?’ I didn’t complain obviously when she was sucking my cock saying how nice it looked.  ‘Give it to me’ she said, later on as I was fucking her doggy.  She looked just great bending over those sheets on the bed, with her long curly her over her shoulders. Afterwards, a wave of curiosity overcame me and being the curious Bob that I am, I asked her: ‘So why are you doing this? Why would a nice married lady like you, even be here in the first place?’.  She replied: ‘Well, first of all it is fun. Then, me and my husband are not very sexually active, we are not on the same page. I like sex a lot more.  So doing something like this keeps me balanced, it’s just me, it makes sense.  And it prevents me from having any resentments towards my husband. It helps me be nice to him’.

That was a very insightful response from a mature career woman. I nodded my head and then we parted ways. On my flight back to Texas I thought of another thing I should have asked her but forgot to. I was going to ask ‘So is this why you ask for money or material gifts even though you have a good paying job? This money or gifts makes it all seem a bit easier to explain because it is more impersonal?’.  I suspect the answer to that would have been a yes.

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  1. I asked that very question once when interviewing a potential SB. She said that getting the money gave her a sense of her value, that she was still desirable and worth an investment even though her husband no longer thought so.

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