Why do sugar babies ghost?

I know that I am usually the one giving advice and various sugar topics. But can someone (a woman) tel me why a SB would just disappear even when things are going well after a few dates? I have my own theories but I really want to know what women say. Please do respond

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  1. DowntownLASD says:

    I am confounded by this as well. In my searches for babies I get ghosted all the time. My best guess is that your last text or texts contained information that turned them off, and, rather than confront the fact that it turned them off, they’d rather just ignore you and assume you’ll just eventually get a clue and go away. I think it points to the fact that younger people today are intimacy-averse and conflict-averse.

    • Intimacy or conflict averse…perhaps that’s what it is. Which makes me wonder what will happen in about 20 years when one of these people might be President of our country, and Putin is mean to them? Will they be conflict averse still? Will they block him on Facebook? can’t wait to see what happens

      • Anonxx says:

        Hi I would really like your advice x I love the insight you provide from an SD perspective.
        I met with an SD and we got on so well and agreed we would like to pursue an arrangement. We are meeting for a second time soon and decided this would be when the arrangement starts.
        Sugar from my side will definitely be provided, but how do I ask or ensure that I receive my allowance at this meet. I really do need it and soon. And I also don’t want to risk being time wasted. You can never know if someone is a salt daddy who will string you along getting intimate and never providing allowance.
        Thanks in advance for your response

        • Well you should be straightforward actually, and ask for it BEFORE you meet him. Some sugars ask for it during or after, but thats a little like blindsiding the SD. So ask for
          It before you meet him again. No harm in saying “so how do you plan to help me out in this arrangement of ours?”

  2. 2cutesugarbabes says:

    Hi, we are two sugar babies and it is most likely because you aren’t offering what others are. We are naturally friendly types which could make it seem like everything is going well when in all honesty the sugar babe has not been swooned by your offer but not wanting to come off rude or greedy they just let conversation fade.

    That’s our best guess, hope it helps.

    • Maybe that’s it.
      Which also works both ways, i.e. generosity on our part is proportional with the chemistry we feel with the SB. I wasn’t feeling the best chemistry with her, even though she was nice enough, attractive enough. And it’s why I didn’t really give her much of an allowance the first time. Worked out ok for both of us, I guess

  3. Blasian beauty says:

    My thought of why this happens is along the same thought which was mentioned above. Most likely the sb wasn’t happy with the offer so they moved along to another sd. It happens a lot to sb’s than sd’s, but I’m surprised that this is even a topic. Sd’s always have the advantage and it just seems as though most men wouldn’t care. They have plenty more options, so isn’t it viewed like, on to the next?

  4. sbBonkers says:

    It is also possible that maybe you’re not all that appealing, or the arrangement is not great for her. It would be challenging to always have to compromise expectations… and a whole human being may not want to be compensated in the manner you offer. I’m curious why you’re pursuing it. After a couple of dates, things are still pretty superficial and you probably don’t know that much about her. Why do you care? Was there something special about her? What was it?

    • Well, understood, people disappear for all kinds of reasons and that’s to be expected in this lifestyle. I am guilty of that too.
      To answer your question, I don’t really care about that specific individual, after all we didn’t get along in bed even though she was attractive. Which goes to show that sex starts with the brain first and the connection between two people, not the other way round.
      I was curious as to the manner of the ghosting, which I haven’t really seen before, in my experience. I thought it would make an interesting blog topic

  5. SD guy says:

    They Ghost! I have never noticed because I am too busy talking to multiples at the same time. One falls off, it’s hard to notice. To be fair I ghost all the time. In messages or even when I am in a relationship. I feel no pain. This is the beauty of sugar dating, you have at the end of the day so little in common anyways.

  6. sugarbaby says:

    Maybe because my time and effort is worth more to me than the money he’s offering lol I’m not desperate so I’m not going to put up with a bunch of his crap, bad hygiene, or offensive conversation. Don’t treat me like I’m on-call. Don’t demand pics. Don’t ask for a discount because he gave me so many orgasms (I faked those, idiot! “You’re the best omg!”). I’ve also ghosted on guys because they’ve been too nosy or opinionated about my life- I didn’t ask for “mentoring”, I just need my bills paid. It’s not up to him how I spend my money either. And don’t be annoying and beg when I already said NO to something.

  7. Kinda SB says:

    Well I met someone from SA and he offered to help me with bills, just because he said he wants to help and he’s not asking for anything in return. I’m not a sugar baby. I was new to the site and was just curious what people would say to me. I was okay with being friends with him but he started acting very suspicious like only asking to hang out late at night, calling me sexy. Which was awkward coming from an older friend around my fathers age. I finally decided to just ignore him because my life became very difficult with family/lovelife/financial/education issues so I had no time for this crazy shit. Now it turns out he’s not really “down to earth” and “didn’t want anything in return” because he wanted his money back. I knew it from the beginning, it was all an act. So ghosting on him because of my intuition was the right thing to do.

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