Why sugar daddies do this type of dating?

Someone asked me once why sugar daddies do this type of dating and what would make us want to come into the lifestyle. After all, she said, don’t we feel used by these women as ‘walking ATMs’ (it is a phrase I originated and plan to trademark btw: all rights reserved).
The answer is, well, yes we are not stupid and if course we realize that these “ladies” view us as their next meal ticket.  Especially those who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.
But if you think about it, life is give and take to a large extent. So we give a bit of our finances and in return we get something as well. It’s called a “mutually beneficial relationship” for a reason.  A few examples that I have observed from other sugar daddies:
An older gentleman in his late fifties or sixties who is divorced or widowed and just wants to have a dinner with someone attractive and nothing else. No sex, as he probably feels self conscious about his body now (not as young as he used to be).
Another older guy, 60+, who has amassed a considerable number of millions and wants help spending some of it. Maybe he doesn’t have any heirs, and you can’t take it with you. Again, at this point who cares about sex. It’s just about getting in some last experiences before you kick the bucket. And it’s better to do them with someone younger and attractive rather than someone who may look like my grandmother.
The guy who is 40 to 50 and very successful: He will want it all and money is no object. He will want to try multiple dates in a week, S&M, threesomes, travelling with the sugar baby. He is married but wants to live to the fullest and enjoy his status in life
The moron: that’s the type that will give the SB an allowance in form of a check with his employers name on it. I swear, I have seen this. Or the guy who will give the SB a job with his company. I can not understand why anyone would do this. After all, the two realms of our lives, sugar and non sugar are supposed to be separate, no? In my view whoever violates this should be dumped without delay.
What type am I, out of the above I described? Not telling. I am just very adaptable to the person I am with. Just please don’t try to change the rules that we agreed upon at the outset.

Future posts will deal with the question of how do sugar babies best deal with each of these types of sugar daddies, so stay tuned

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