Types of sugar babies

I have dated or met a fairly large number of women of different backgrounds and ages. Many of these personal stories have been talked about in my book ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’ . Some were educated, others not, some were younger than me, some a lot younger, and some were even older than me or the same age.  I will now try to categorize by ‘type’ of sugar baby. I do realize of course that no one can really be (nor should be) categorized into one neat place, but bear with me while I think about the different personalities of the ladies I met.  Let’s think….

The one who is looking for a ‘relationship':

That would be College.  In the same way I was very attracted to older women when I was younger (In only dated 40 year olds!) she was also just attracted to older men. She thought of guys her age group as children and almost never saw any of them.  Not sure what motivates these ladies. When I was dating older women I was drawn to their experience in bed but not just that. I found them more mature and easy to get along with, and with less hangups. By contrast, at that time, I found 20 year old girls a bit too high strung for their own good, and not too mature.  I guess this type of sugar baby is same.  So they find it easy, natural, and comfortable to be with someone older. Fits like a glove. This type doesn’t necessarily look for a serious committed relationship (although a few do), but they want to spend some time with their older man so this feels like ‘real life’ dating, and not contrived at all.  We SD’s can make some good memories with this type

The escort type:

Excuse me, but any man who has been in this sugar lifestyle for more than 2 months has run into this one.  She doesn’t care about anything, just knows she has certain good looks, and wants to take advantage of them to the fullest while they still last. Sugaring is the only way she knows, so she sees as many older men (that’s where the money is) as possible, at the same time to maximize revenue. She also, sometimes, supports a deadbeat boyfriend who lives with her. I never really liked that type, because she is risky.  Who knows what she will do for money. Maybe even steal it from my wallet while I am not looking? Or even go through my car looking for stuff? I have had both happen to me, which is why I became slightly jaded.  I had even this ‘sugar baby’ type quote a price list to me.  ‘$X for an hour Dave’. I ran the other way.  Don’t like clock watchers. Sometimes this type also has a very young child or a drug habit to support.

The type that just wants the treatment:

An example of this is the lady who perhaps grew up without having much at home, and who know wants to experience things she wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Enter older men. They can provide the resources and take her places a younger man, just starting out, doesn’t even know they exist. They really want to impress their SD and show him a good time and some appreciation for what he does for them. It’s always a good time with this type of SB because she is up for anything, at least once.  I like this type because spending time with her is like a little vacation from the monotony of business and everyday life. They bring smiles to our faces.

The accidental gf:

It started as sugar dating, and then turned into something else, as we spent more time with each other, saw past the sugar, and started noticing the little things about each other. An emotional connection was starting to form.  Amanda (from the book) would be this type. She ended it because she felt it was becoming a bit too involved

The one who is up for anything:

That the one you have know for years and she basically texts you Sunday morning wanting to meet. College was like that. Makes your life hard sometimes, as we forget we are married and of a totally different age group

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2 Responses to Types of sugar babies

  1. Tony says:

    Recently there has been a huge increase in “Platonic Only” women calling themselves sugar babies and I find it insulting for other legit sugar babies. These women think that simply spending time with them, phone chats and pics is enough, avoiding any real connections. Personally I think its a sense of entitlement in the current youth and if there are SDs out there supporting these women I really want to kick them in the shin. I call these women “Panhandling SBs”. I do try to explain that in a sugar arrangement there has to be an exchange of “Sugar” and that they want me to pay them to be their friend. I would love to read your take on this.

    • I totally agree with you. After all, “sugar” is a relationship and intimacy is part of any relationship sooner or later. To those “platonic” babies I would say: ‘you like my money sure enough but what do I get out of this ? Just the privilege of sending you texts and emails? Not good enough’. Wake up guys. Let me know if you need a more detailed explanation

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