Sex with George Clooney

I was out with some work colleagues at a bar near work, where we usually go on Thursdays for happy hour. It reminds me of a frat bar, but its good enough for finance guys on a Thursday ‘Wall Street weekend’ type of situation and they have strong drinks. Their specialty is the Alabama Slammer so we got started with that. The conversation started ok, after a few drinks it turned more to juvenile, with me being one of the bosses trying to retain some type of adult supervision. Right next to us were three young ladies and the guys I was with started making conversation and just some friendly banter. I didn’t join in at first, thinking to myself that this is really a younger person’s game and best left to folks in their early thirties or late twenties. A respectable older gentleman like myself does things a lot more discreetly and only writes blogs and books, right?
Anyways, this was around the time when Alex was telling me ‘Dave you are just a steak to me now’ so I was feeling a bit depressed. I figured joining in for a little conversation would lighten up the spirits a bit. Plus after 2 Alabama Slammers and a couple of beers I was feeling a bit buzzed. So we all started talking. After an hour of that my friends started leaving as they had to take the commuter train back home. I continued talking with a lady in her late twenties, let’s call her Sophie. We decided that we went along great and then made the impulsive decision to go to a Mexican themed famous chef place near Flatiron. More drinking happened there, and she also ordered a huge octopus dish. Don’t like octopus but I had a small piece and it wasn’t bad. I didn’t really like the place too much as it didn’t have the quiet classy wine bar vide I like, it was more of a clubby atmosphere with a lot of Margaritas. But we had a couple of shots of Patron, and then someone (forget if it was me or her) suggested we go back to her place. She said ‘It will be like sex with George Clooney’. She was the 5th person over the years to tell me I look like him. I don’t agree, but accept the compliment! She was quite muscular…..but George Clooney didn’t rise to the occasion and had to be satisfied orally only. Wasn’t too bad, I guess. And she gave me the weird compliment that I look like a Greek Goddess! Huh? I replied. She backtracked and said ‘Sorry, Greek god, I meant!’ Whatever…
Did you have a good time? ‘Yes I did’, I replied but half lying. It wasn’t that great, and even though she was attractive I wasn’t turned on for some reason. An off night? I left and started walking home, still with a buzz on my head and it was getting late. The evening was interesting, but felt a bit useless. I should have been home reading a good book instead of spending the last 3 hours on a non-event. Oh well…
As I was walking back home I caught myself thinking of Alex. She was on my mind a lot, in fact. However, I knew she was already dating at least 2 other individuals (a banker guy, a lawyer, and probably another one from a sugar site) and also travelling with them. Plus, I had left her a while back anyway, so the ship had sailed. Then why was I thinking about her?

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  1. Ivy Stevens says:

    Looks like George Clooney huh! I’m not a fan but I’m curious whether you really do look like him. Nonetheless, you must be really good looking.

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