The hard life of an ex escort

Here is a good one from the memory vaults that just makes you wonder about people in general.

Let’s call her Michelle the bar owner, from one of the outer boroughs of New York. She was a bit older than me, and she had a cute body but a hard face. The face of someone who has had a rough life and has probably lived on the streets as well. All of which she confessed to, after sex. There was a great contradiction to her life which makes you think: The Lord gives and the Lord takes, and you never know where your next break may come from. Let’s go down the list of her ‘snowball heading for hell’ kinda life and times. Read on:
She was sexually abused while very young, at an age when most little girls play hopscotch
She became aware of sexuality then (I had an orgasm Dave), and she said she would rub against older boys just to drive them crazy. And some would go out looking for her. They would pretend to visit her older brother (aged 16) just to get a feel of her. ‘But Michelle, didn’t they know its wrong to do these things to a girl so young?’ She replied, ‘They didn’t care..’
As a result, she didn’t have a childhood to speak of. ‘They robbed me of my childhood’. I told her of my story when an older female cousin touched me inappropriately at the age of 10. So, it happens to men too..
She got pregnant at 15 and ended up having 3 kids by the time she was in her mid 20s
She said she met a lot of men while at work. So, innocently I asked her ‘oh stripping?’ ‘No Dave, I was a call girl’. ‘So that’s why you hesitated and turned you head sideways at first before kissing me’. She replied that I guessed correctly. But she had some good brains and started running the business herself, and at one time she had 6 girls working for her. Made a truckload of money, in cash, off Wall Street folks looking for coke and easy girls. And it seems that times never changed… While we were at the bar drinking and me downing the beers (she only had orange juice) she was trying to turn the young bartender. I made the comment that the bartender seemed a bit off limits and cold, so seemed like a waste of time and effort. She replied that they all had their breaking point and you just need to work them. Who wouldn’t want to walk away from an encounter with $200 in her pocket.

And that’s when her luck changed. She met, and married a well off gentleman former client of hers, stayed married for 10+ years and when he died he left her a house and lots of money for their son. Enough to take care of them for a long while.
Then she bought and operated a bar for a long time, before she passed it on to one of her sons to run it for her. She said that for all her troubles and the hard beginning of her life, she bounced back and made as good as she could given the circumstances. She was surrounded by positive people later in life. And she was very smart…with a better childhood she would have probably become a teacher or something

So what the point of my post? Nothing.

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One Response to The hard life of an ex escort

  1. That Girl says:

    Well, actually there is a point…people are creatures of habit and no matter the circumstance we all at some point fall back to wherever our comfort zone is. Even if it is turning tricks. Habits are hard to break…dry drunks are an excellent example…It sure is one grand social experiment you’ve run, dear!

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