Blue smoke..thinking about NSA sugar dating

NSA sugar dating…but first, here is the background: Once every couple of months, me and some guys I work with go to that great BBQ place in New York. Its a chance to talk about work and the markets in a more informal and relaxed setting. Actually the topic is markets and babes, although mostly markets (its more interesting, sorry…). Geez what do you think the gold market is going to do next? Only last time we did this, a few months back, something else happened. As we sat there, two Asian women came in, probably early thirties. Elegant, but one of then had jeans with the knees missing, and sunglasses over her long black hair. For some reason I started observing her as she moved. Elegant looks of someone who has some money or at least some taste, but yet casual. I kept looking at her and her friend. Her friend actually had really crooked teeth, you know, like you see Chinese women or men with bad dental hygiene. Then at the same time 2 black women walked in: one really hot and the other one overweight. Which made me think, do women always travel in pairs like that? One hot and the other one not so?

Anyway, I digress. I found myself just using my friends conversation as background noise this time, while I discreetly tried to lean over and check out that Asian lady’s jeans, wondering how her thighs and butt looked. And then the chicken wings arrived at their table and she started licking her fingers and putting them in her mouth and of course doing a real good job with those chicken wings too. I think they were too big for her mouth but she liked them anyway. You can tell I have an oral fixation, right?

And, no, there is no point to this story other than me just reminiscing ok? Which made me think why I like to see different women and why I started dating sugar babies in the first place. I just like the process of observing a new woman and getting to know her. Sometimes getting to know her more deeply and what makes her click, and others just a little bit. But then move on, as I never was the long term kind of person. I HAVE been in long term situations obviously, but I enjoy the short and fast types of relationships a lot. That’s why I liked sugar dating I guess. Because it catered to my need for the excitement of meeting and getting to know someone new, but it also allowed me to keep my right to withdraw whenever I wanted to. NSA..

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  1. Midwest says:

    Hi, I’ve been following your blog for a while. I’ve been in sugar life for over a year but I have known only 3 sugar babies. I allowed myself to fall for the first one and got burned at the end of the 11 month relationship. I let it become more than NSA, but she did not. Since then I have done things differently. I have kept my emotions in check and I’ve been seeing two women in parallel. So far so good, but I feel like I get less out of the relationships. I guess I can’t have my cake and eat it to?

  2. hi Midwest, if you are looking for a relationship with a sugar baby its better to put all the cards on the table, at the right time, and make sure you are both on the same wavelength. Otherwise one of you’se will get disappointed. Sugar dating is like a razor’s edge, its a balancing act between realities and emotions

  3. Midwest says:

    Towards the end of my first sugar relationship I did put my cards on the table and told her I had feelings for her and she politely said that she did not share them. We continued to see each other for a another 3 months. In any case, it was not my intention to have a deeper relationship with her going into it. It just happened. In the end, I felt like I screwed up, learned from my lessons, and vowed to do things differently the next time.

  4. Midwest says:

    To finish up that story. She eventually told me she had found a boyfriend and was leaving sugar life. But that’s not why I feel I got burned. I was actually happy for her. Yes I grieved, but those were the rules we were playing by so I could not allow myself to resent her or feel regret. We agreed to be friends and I was happy with that. It wasn’t until later when she started asking me for money and getting mad when I refused that I started to feel regret. It made me call into question whether she was ever really a friend. I felt used.

    • Midwest says:

      Ugh. My bad for posting to the wrong thread. Moderator, please delete the previous post and i will repost to the correct thread. Thank you.

  5. Downtown LASD says:

    I’ve done both the NSA thing and the long term thing. Both have their good and bad sides. I prefer the Long term deal because it’s just better to know a woman intimately than not to care whether she stays or goes.

    I’m not engaging in any sugar now unless we agree to think long term. If I feel that she’s not there I’ll end it. I’ll have fewer experiences but better ones.

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