What a schedule

Someone asked me recently how busy was this sugar schedule I used to keep.
After all, how bad could it be, right? Let me give you a sample.

Monday: Get to work at 7:30AM
Quick coffee at 10 AM (but no more than 30 minutes) with a young lady. Just to see what she had to say. She is 20, and goes to a prestigious college nearby. Says she likes to lift weights, is in great shape, and wants a mentor
Lunch with a sugar baby at noon at a nearby restaurant (an hour or less)
Afterwards, stay in the parking lot for a while and check for any texts. Even if I didn’t have any, initiate texts with some prospective SBs who replied to my ad
Dinner with work colleagues

Tuesday: Gym at 7AM, then work until 630PM
Dinner with this tall white girl, who went to the same grad school as I did. Waspy type, not sure why she is doing the sugar thing, perhaps just to be taken out platonically to dinner every now and then? She seemed to imply that, she is very new to this. Have to ask

Wednesday: Day off work, have all this vacation time which I need to start taking so I will take the day off
Lunch with a prospective 45 year old black lady. She has a casual boyfriend, but says she wants to meet someone to treat as well as she deserves. Will have to find out what that means exactly (i.e. what will it cost me, personally, lol). Wonder if I should ask her if she has kids. She seems mum about certain personal details and I am curious. Not sure if I will though, it’s too nosey
Drinks and sex with a lady who told me she masturbated thinking about all the things we can do together. I will probably see her twice per month. She is 39, so close to my age, at that time

Thursday: A 23 year emailed me if I have time for her and she also sent me her ‘spoiling’ list. Might meet her after work for a coffee or something. We never met personally but she told me what she wants as a gift. She has that preppy look

Friday: email back this Asian lady who calls herself ‘cumdoll’. Be very careful. Who, on earth, would choose to call herself that? Is he promiscuous? Is she going through a sexual experimenting phase and wants to meet a lot of people? Will have to see how she answers questions and her body language

Go to gym later. Read a couple of finance papers in the evening as well

Saturday first thing AM: Fly to NY

Next week?
Same thing all over again, but start having more fun behind closed doors with at least one of the ladies I met the week before.

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