Needing money in a hurry

This blog post is about young women needing money in a hurry and feeling the only way to get it is through offers of sex.
I have met a lot of people. In this blog I have mentioned a lot those stories, but in my mind one that will always stick out is the story of ‘Legs’. Actually, what sticks is how the story of ‘Legs’ ended. Mind you that is not the first time I had faced that situation. What situation you may ask: The situation of a young woman in her twenties needing to have sex for money in order to support herself and any family she might have. In fact Legs made that announcement to me almost exactly 4 years ago, also under snow blizzard conditions like the one we have today. And it sort of shocked me to hear that she had just come back from a sex party. She had been doing that for a couple of months actually, working through an agency. I didn’t judge her because I knew she had people to take care of. Still it was sad. But consider this: she made a lot of money for the first time in her life, and it seems that she liked doing it.

I had another similar surprise recently. A dear friend of mine said she needs the money quite badly and is considering doing this. She was a SB, then we saw each other for a while.

We were sitting at a restaurant recently, I made a stupid joke about sugar and she said ‘well this attorney was giving me $X per month’. I was a bit taken aback because I didn’t know she had ventured back into sugar. ‘I got tired of coming after you Dave and I am drained’. ‘Is it really that urgent?’ I asked. ‘Yes it is, to the point where I am thinking of having sex for money’. ‘Ok, I am not judging you. I just find it surprising that someone intelligent and with a college degree has to do this to make money. There are no more corporate jobs left in America?’. Or perhaps I was raised in a different environment, and don’t realize the issues that some young folks might face. I had a safety nest when I was growing up, whereas others may not. The conversation stopped there. I was quite surprised she had an SD for 3 months after trying to convince me her SD days were behind her. Not too surprised though because she had told me she recently got STD testing done. And she was the type that she always gets tested when sexually active (which incidentally is the right thing to do!). So I figured there was someone besides me in the picture.
Again, I don’t judge anyone. I just find it sad and a bit weird that women have to resort to that: Having sex for money. Some readers will say ‘Dave, you are a hypocrite. You encourage all this by being a SD’. To which I would respond, well, not really because I always see this as a fun type of dating, and I don’t go out with SBs that have to do this as a job to make ends meet. My point is that I go out with SBs who see this more like a lifestyle enhancer and recreation rather than a means of sustenance

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  1. duh? says:

    you’re so delusional and yes hypocritical and you know it. unfortunately we are still living in times where people do have to do degrading jobs like sex work to survive. some women and (some men) will always resort to doing something sexual for money as long as their are desperate people willing to pay for it. that includes you! regular jobs are not easy to come by since everyone on the planet is fighting for the same jobs. with sex you don’t need an application, an interview, a diploma or degree or a background check. just make a date and sex.
    Not everyone can be like you David. so stop expecting everyone to be as smart as you or so perfect.

  2. This caused me a chuckle: I hope you are not suggesting that women take shortcuts and become sex workers instead of getting career related jobs and use their real talents!

    Anyways, there was this kid from the Bronx, who had less than $100 in his checking account. One day he was walking up the stairs to his apartment in desperation, and decided to get out of this by doing the following, even though this was 1993 in the middle of a recession: He sent out almost 300 resumes to employers. Countless of cold calls, 20 interviews, and finally 2 job offers. I know that having sex is easier and maybe even more fun. But I am glad that young man (that was me by the way) sent out those 300 resumes anyway. If I could do it, anyone can

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