I DO exist!

Interestingly, I received an email from a lady who said that she wasn’t sure I existed. Why? Well, given the amount and the variety of my crazy stories. She said that no one person can actually do all the things I did in my blog and book. Many of these stories are outlined in my book, ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’.

Well, I called her up and we spoke on the phone, and she now knows I do in fact exist in the flesh, as also proved by a few blog readers who have net me in person. So, there.
I also do bachelorette parties, interviews, and movie cameos. For real. Contact me!

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6 Responses to I DO exist!

  1. hellen says:

    And a new star is born…..

  2. duh? says:

    you called her up? hope you didn’t reveal your number. also, what a clever way to pick up on women.

  3. Candy says:

    I love the perspective on this blog. Any tips on trying to stay anonymous?

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