A relationship with a younger woman

After a relationship with a younger woman is over..I saw her and she seemed so ‘grown’ or so mature. No relation to that 20 year old college student I met long ago…

A young lady emailed me recently saying she now loves her SD, even though he is married. They broke up. Neither one went over the line of entering each others deep personal lives but they spent enough time together to the point were she fell for him, and vice versa. Reminded me of myself and Alex. I gave the following advice in an email to her, which is also what I had told Alex long ago.

‘Well you obviously do care about him if its not about the money anymore. I had a relationship just like that once with a 20 year old girl. It lasted 2 years. But then I had to end it.Why? Because, us married guys have an expiration date. We are married which means that even if we hate our wives at the moment, we do owe then some loyalty that the bonds of a marriage has earned them. No other way of putting it. Maybe he will divorce her, maybe not, but you should find someone else who is single and who will be able to reciprocate your feelings fully, and without guilt. Married guys do carry some guilt in the background. I know this first hand. And this is exactly what I told that girl I loved, even though I have a great marriage and family.
So…. I think you should consider this chapter closed. If you see him again, here is how this meeting will pay out: You will probably see him again at a coffee shop perhaps after the holidays, he will seem friendly yet distant, you will have sex one more time, and then will move on with a heavy heart. Something will be off, and it will not be the same again. But, you made some great memories and you learned what real desire feels like’

I personally do feel weird, and a bit bored. I never thought I would feel this way, after all, NSA, right? ‘elataf emmef’

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  1. DowntownLASD says:

    I haven’t had this happen to me yet, but I definitely agree that 1) all married SDs come with an expiration date and 2) guilt is always at play in the background. I do frequently write that I feel no guilt at what I’m doing, but the truth is that my sugar activities take time away from either work or home life, which is a disturbance in my life that I don’t really like. I try my best to compartmentalize it, but it always intrudes into my real life. Not in a bad way, but the reality is that if I’m taking any significant amount of time away from either work or family to spend on my sugar activities, that’s a loss of potential quality time.

  2. Newt says:

    > “…even if we hate our wives at the moment, we do owe then some loyalty that the bonds of a marriage has earned them.” That’s the best way of explaining it that I have come across.

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