Sugar baby arrangements include sex

Do all sugar baby arrangements and relationships include sex? Not all, but most do. Think about it seriously for a minute. If you are dating someone in a traditional sense, sex will eventually happen if the two individuals involved develop an attraction for each other. I don’t see how sugar relationships are that much different after all. Two people meet (granted it’s a bit unconventional). They decide to spend one date per week, or so, together. Is it unreasonable to expect sex to happen? Not on a first or second date, but in a reasonable span of time it would happen. After all, why would I spend any time with someone that found me unattractive or someone who I have no chemistry with? Why should I ‘rent’ someone to sit down and have dinner with me? Am i that lonely and desperate? Am I that old as to say ‘I don’t care, I will pay a 30 year old woman to have drinks with me for an hour and nothing else’. I can’t see how sex would not happen. I got an email from a young lady asking me if sex is mandatory in a sugar relationship. She heard that many SDs expect sex on a first date and she didn’t feel comfortable with that. I told her she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t feel comfortable doing. In her case, she did not need the money as her school and rent are paid for already. So she had the luxury of waiting and finding someone she likes, rather than jumping in bed with the first guy who waves an allowance in front of her. But even this instance verifies what I am saying: any relationship between a man and a woman, sugar arrangement or not, will lead to sex. Of course, I have heard of women just getting money out of guys simply for showing up. To each his own. If you can pull it off, then go ahead. It’s just not a situation I would want to be involved with. If I am attracted to someone I would want things to progress in this relationship, all the way to intimacy. Otherwise, what am I getting myself into? And why should I ever be involved in a platonic friendship? I already have friendships, and I choose to keep my friendships separate from my intimate life

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  1. DowntownLASD says:

    I love the profiles on SA that emphatically state, “There will be no sex.” Oh, and for some reason the allowance requirements are “Substantial,” which means north of $10,000 a month. Fuck. That. Shit. If I’m expected to shell out that kind of cash and forget any idea of having sex with that woman, next!

  2. SBVixen says:

    I’ve been searching many blogs for advice…and it has landed me here! Just a shot in the dark….

    I’m relatively new to the sugar bowl and have yet to meet a man that wants to offer me an allowance and see me regularly. I’m constantly getting “picked up” by guys from out of town, on business, looking for “company”….yet they’re very adamant about not hiring escorts or pros.

    Although I’ve been treated to some nice dinners and conversation, I get low-ball cash offers to go back to the room with them, when I’m pretty sure a hooker would demand twice the amount. There have also been times when the “SD” wanted to “test drive” me to see if I was worthy of a monthly allowance?!? WTF is that?! I had to politely decline in every situation, although I could’ve used the cash. I am not going to give myself up for free.

    Are these supposed “daddies” just feeding me bullshit because they’re too cheap to afford a hooker?! I know what I’m worth and I’m aware of what such arrangements entail – nor do I demand an absurd amounted allowance (e.g. “negotiable”)……I haven’t even been offered an allowance!! I just hear things like, “oh I’m only in town for two days – approx. 6 times a year.” What does that mean?! You’re going to call me whenevers most convenient for you when you’re in town? I have a life too, ya know!

    Are these guys just looking for a cheap booty call or what?! What am I to expect from a real SD at this point?! The majority of them are married and have no intentions of leaving their wives; I don’t see how they could provide an allowance AND make time to see me regularly. They want cheap NSA sex, but they don’t want a hooker/escort. I don’t get it.

    • Well, you did the right thing by turning down offers like that. Many folks just want ‘company’ when they are in town, in each town they travel for business. So you are right, they probably just looking for escorts but they prefer someone who is not a hardened escort or street walker.

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