Liberty call

Isn’t that Navy speak for ‘freedom’? I use it as a metaphor to describe a situation I got out of a while back, with my feelings intact and actually at peace and calm with my decision.
There was this lady who had somewhat low self image even though she was pretty and smart. I had noticed that but no matter how much I cared and tried to cheer her up and be the voice of reason and explain to her and accentuate her positives, she would have these bouts of depression and insecurity. And one time what did she do? Well…she knew some of my past and the fact that I used to hang out with this woman, my ‘friend from the lower east side’. However, once I found out that my ‘friend’ had become a professional swinger and used the gifts I had given her for coke, I took off. I will not be present at someones train wreck. But this lady knew what good friends I used to be with that lady from the lower east side, and somehow she got it in her mind that if she did coke then perhaps I will like her even more. So after I had left her, she went and fucked a co-worker for free coke. She thought that this maybe will make her more desirable? If this story sounds convoluted, its because it IS convoluted.
Needless to say that I never saw her again. And needless to say that I feel quite relaxed and happy with my decision and the only reason I am upset is thinking about the time and funds already invested. But we can’t roll back the clock can we? Time is a bitch.
Interesting though..having done all these things with a co worker..I would have never done that. Not too professional. Workplace is for work only, not for personal intermingling, in my view. Am I too conservative? Or just a Catholic school graduate? Imagine what would the nuns say if they knew about all this. They would have spanked me. I always hated that. I much rather administer the spanking than receive it. If anyone is in the city and desires to be spanked, drop me a note. I would love to meet you.
Oh and today the lady that cuts my hair said how lucky I am to have this thick and full set of hair. Flattered. So the day ended well.

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One Response to Liberty call

  1. TampaDaddy says:

    Like many SDs, I consider myself a fan of the free market and very libertarian. However, I draw the line at spending sugar which will go to “party favors”. That’s just not a lifestyle I’m comfortable supporting. I’ve seen what it did in my own misspent youth, and what it’s done to people I’ve cared about over the years. Sugaring is supposed to be about providing a leg-up or better standard of living for your baby, not watching her self destruct.

    Kudos for how you reacted to the original, and WTF was the second lady thinking? That is some kind of broken thought process.

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