How I became so interested in women?

Alex asked. She had a bit of disdain in her voice I think, whether real or unintentional I don’t know. I took it as she meant to ask ‘So David how come you decided, even though married, to get into all this trouble to meet lots of women’. Long story..But every story has a beginning. The details can be found in my book ‘Sugar Daddy Diary’ but here are some quick thoughts.
How can I help it, when I was always so much fascinated about women, the way they act, and, of course, their bodies? For a while, even back as a child, that’s all I ever thought about. The fact that I was basically raised by young (and very hot, may I add) nannies didn’t help. Where did they come from? Most were international, from England, and a handful from stateside. They were all around the age of 20 to 26 as you might expect, and they lived with us. Now that I look back its amazing that a five or 8 year old David would be interested in girls that were 15 years older than him, but here I was. I would get attached to them and feel quite safe, especially the ones that stayed with us for a whole year or more. I found them friendly, warm and caring for the most part. Then, there was this one English girl who was, as we found out later, barely 17 and had probably told her parents she was going out to buy some milk and a newspaper, skipped town, and then landed on our shores looking for work. What a character. Also had a bit of body odor on top of everything else. She was mean to us, we didn’t like her too much. But one thing they all had in common was that they would talk to us like we were buddies. They would tell me about their day off, their boyfriends etc. So that got my attention. After a while, as I was growing I became curious of their bodies. How would I express that curiosity? Simply, by trying to catch them in various stages of undress by ‘mistake’. I would walk into their room unannounced for example. Using that method I had the opportunity to get exposed to full frontal nudity at an early age. Other times I would time it so I could stare down their blouse. Another time I commanded one of them to take off their bikini and change into proper clothes, after we had come back from the beach one summer. ‘I beg your pardon?’ She asked in perfect British. That turned me on even more. So given that history, I would expand my endeavors to my classmates in school as well. Then I became fairly shy towards the end of high school for some reason. I wanted a serious relationship, and I found one or two, or three. One lead to a very long term dating situation, co habitation, and then marriage. Being a good guy. I did have my moments though, strip joints, one night stands every now and then etc. After my mid twenties, I never wanted a relationship again. It’s almost as if the 8 year old with the hot nannies took over again and now that I was an adult I was just interested in pleasing women. I would be more interested in that, than my own pleasure. I think that shows in the blog sometimes as well. A fan of the blog said that the way I talk about women and sex is more respectful than most blogs out there, especially those written by men. Another lady I used to know also said ‘One doesn’t really get to know the real David until she sleeps with him’. How true that is. Like the act of sex reveals more about me than many other things, provided I like someone (had my own share of disasters). Another reader of the book and the blog picked up on the fact that I have a soft spot for single mothers. She asked me if I was raised by single mother. I wasn’t, but my grandmother was a single mother. So maybe that influences me a bit. I have revealed some personal stories here, maybe they have shed some light, or maybe not

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