Women are critical of sugar babies

I have to say that women are critical of sugar babies. As a man of a certain age who dated women younger than my age I made certain observations while those dates were happening. While walking around with these various women I noticed the intense looks we were getting from women. These looks happened when I was out with women a lot younger than myself. I only been out with a handful of such individuals by the way but noticed ‘the look’ anyway. In one case, I was being observed by a group of 3 women in their 30’s who followed my every action and body language while I was out with an Asian lady of 23. They were trying to figure out what was going on I guess and they were observing my every move or smile and interaction with her. In another case while sitting at a restaurant with the same lady we got the same exact reaction. Which is kind of fair I guess. I remember being in a steakhouse in Texas with work colleagues and on the way out I saw this young Asian woman practically sitting on the lap of this 55 year old guy. I didn’t gawk at them, but it was something I noted and giggled on the inside.
In another case, with Alex, there was this woman in her 50’s who was walking around with her husband at night and came across us, also walking around. As we were passing them she kept giving us (especially Alex) these dagger like looks. She even turned her head around and stared at us. I think she was thinking ‘You bad young woman seducing our husbands, how dare you!’. Or something to that effect.
Which brings me to my point. Throughout all of of my experiences I have found that men are more accepting of this whenever they encounter non traditional couples. They tend to give a knowing wink or smile to the situation at hand. Women however have either one of two reactions, at least as far as what I have observed:
1. The younger ones may giggle or just look with curiosity
2. Those that are 40’s or older may be be critical and have generally given my date unapproving looks

What has been your (SD and SB) experience with this?

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3 Responses to Women are critical of sugar babies

  1. Ginger Daddy says:

    I’ve gotten “the look” myself. I think if we’re honest, men don’t look askance at these pairings because many men see themselves in these pairings, or would wish to. Older women are going to largely be envious of the younger woman’s youth and beauty. I imagine there’s is a bit of bitter tinge to it.

    As much as I enjoy being out and about with my SB, I find I’m just as happy having her all to myself at home.

  2. DowntownLASD says:

    I remember meeting one girl mid-day at a swanky outdoor mall for lunch, and we ate in a quiet bistro just off the main promenade. We sat in the outdoor patio and quietly chatted, while a few tables away a group of housewives sat drinking white win and gossiping (oh, yes, I overheard). As this gorgeous creature and I departed the restaurant, we walked right by the table. The ladies, all of a sudden, were silent and sported dagger-like looks on their faces, all reserved for me. I was not wearing my wedding band (I never do when meeting potential SBs) but it was clear that the guy with the salt and pepper hair was not the boyfriend, or the business associate, of this 24-year-old chesty brunette. One of my favorite moments as a SD.

  3. That’s a really nice scene, and one that has repeated itself a bunch of times.
    I also think it should be part of the movie that you will do

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